Organically-Shaped Antennas

The Antenna Company Leverages the Superformula

by Bryon Moyer

Imagine if there were one formula. All of existence, explained by one formula. All of the formulas we use today? Simply special cases of that one formula. Like the elusive unified field theory that would embrace all known forces, this would be a Formula for Everything. And you’d call it the Superformula.

Well, it turns out that there is a thing called The Superformula, and credit goes to one Johan Gielis. It’s relatively recent (by scientific standards, not by technology standards): 2003. But, the name notwithstanding, this isn’t a Formula That Describes Everything. It is pretty super in its own way, but it’s not quite as earth-shattering as the moniker might otherwise suggest.  Read More

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October 21, 2016

XKL Announces the Launch of its 100GE Coherent Product Suite, eVolocity

Rohde & Schwarz to present T&M solutions for the latest technologies at electronica 2016

October 20, 2016

Spectrum's PXIe Modules allow Precision Signal Generation

October 19, 2016

Orange Tree announces Gigabit Ethernet FPGA module with TCP/IP Offload Engine

October 17, 2016

Baidu Adopts Xilinx to Accelerate Machine Learning Applications in the Data Center

Adeunis LoRaWAN Field Test Device Introduced by Saelig

Canonical and ARM collaborate to offer commercial availability of Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph for 64-bit ARM-based servers

October 13, 2016

Antenova announces Inca – an “easy integration” antenna with high gain for small devices in the 433MHz band

October 12, 2016

congatec presents first COM Express Type 7 modules with Intel® Xeon® D processors

October 11, 2016

MicroEJ® and Witekio collaborate on demonstrator for SIGFOX connectivity

October 06, 2016

Renesas Electronics and Cohda Wireless Bring Together V2X Semiconductors and Software Technology to Deliver V2X Reference Solution for the Autonomous-Driving Era

October 04, 2016

FiberTower Launches Wireless Technology From CCS

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The Only Dot You Will Ever Need

Iota Labs Takes on Physical Push Notifications

by Amelia Dalton

Beacons As IoT Channels

Enmo Builds on BlueTooth Advertising

by Bryon Moyer

A Four-Way Vehicular Radio Module

Redpine Bets on 802.11p Over LTE-V

by Bryon Moyer

The Need For Speed

The Next Generation of Networking with Speedster22i

by Amelia Dalton

Keeping the FCC and Open Source Happy

Prpl: Routers Can Be Secure and Open

by Bryon Moyer

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Editors' Blog

Safety and Security Conference

posted by Dick Selwood

With the growth of the IoT there is increased interest in the overlapping areas of safety and security. There is already a lot of knowledge on these issues and this has been shared by the IET's International System Safety and Cyber Security Conference. The eleventh version of this conference is running from 11—13 October 2016 in London. (14-Sep)

Meet You in Brussels?

posted by Dick Selwood

the imec Technology Forum is in Brussels in May (20-Apr)

A More Secure Time Server

posted by Bryon Moyer

Time servers allow us to track multiple events from different systems and networks with a consistent time base. But an evildoer can flood such servers with requests, causing crashes. Microsemi has released a new time server that addresses this vulnerability. (13-Jan)

Fancy walking around with urine in your socks?

posted by Dick Selwood

A team at the University of the West of England has used urine driven microbial fuel cells in socks to generate enough current to send wireless signals. (11-Dec)

Securing the core

posted by Dick Selwood

A Franco-German announcement brings improved security to SoCs for the IoT (17-Nov)

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What World Maker Faire Shows Us About the Future of Engineering

Posted on 10/19/16 at 10:43 PM by KenRobot

Awesome~! Hope you enjoyed the fish robot. More to come on

How Secure Are Fitness Devices?

Posted on 10/17/16 at 10:09 AM by bmoyer

What do you think about Open Effect's efforts to test the security (and privacy) of fitness devices?

Achronix Goes Chipless

Posted on 10/16/16 at 2:08 PM by gobeavs


You need to do a little more research. Achronix CEO Holt was discussing this hail mary pass back in 2012. So it's not some stealth mode reveal.

Here is my history of Achronix.

1. Fastes…

The FPGA Tool Problem

Posted on 10/13/16 at 8:24 AM by TotallyLost

And every last one of these proprietary tool chains become the boat anchors slowing down faster evolution of high quality advanced tool chain access for the FPGA & ASIC communities. And sadly, the advance of silicon progress too.

Simply because of the …

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