Programmable Power to the People

Micro Analog and On-Demand Power Management

by Amelia Dalton

He'd been here before, many times. He had procrastinated until he couldn’t put it off any longer. It had to be done. After a few cans of Mountain Dew and a giant sigh, he dove in. The experience wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. I know you’ve been through it too. Choosing the right power supply for your next design can be a drag, searching through part numbers until your eyes glaze, only to come up with a solution that (most of the time) is still not quite right. In this episode of Fish Fry, we welcome Kapil Shankar from AnDAPT. Kapil and I take an in-depth look at AnDAPT 's on-demand power management solution. Also in this week’s Kickstarter Corner, we check out a new fundraising campaign called JeVois: Open-Source Quad-Core Smart Machine Vision Camera that could bring open-source machine vision to your next Raspberry Pi or Arduino project.  Read More

latest news

January 18, 2017

Innovative Integration Announces the COPious-PXIe Embedded PXIe module with Zynq Z7045 coprocessor & HPC FMC I/O site

January 17, 2017

Mont-Blanc project selects Cavium’s ThunderX2™ processor for its new ARM-based HPC platform

CEL Introduces New High Performance, Low Cost RF Switches for Communication Applications

January 13, 2017

Macronix Memory Incorporated in New Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE IoT Chipset Reference Design

January 11, 2017

Avnet Expands PicoZed Product Family with Small Footprint PicoZed SDR 1x1

January 10, 2017

Cadence Announces Availability of Industry-First Bluetooth 5 Verification IP

Semtech Expands Power Management Platform With High-Performance Current Sense Amplifier

Sequans Extends Collaboration with TSMC to Develop World’s first LTE-M chip for IoT

January 09, 2017

Orange Tree announces software platform for USB and Gigabit Ethernet interconnect boards

January 05, 2017

Optimal+ to Present on Big Data Analytics’ Ability to Provide Value Chain Visibility and Brand Protection for Electronics Products in IBM Client Center at CES

Retune DSP Multi-Microphone Beamforming and Echo Cancellation Now Available for Cadence Tensilica HiFi Audio DSPs

Senet, STMicroelectronics, and myDevices Showcase the Benefits of Low-Power Wide Area Network Technology at CES 2017

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The Triumph of Inertia

Qualcomm’s Massive 48-core ARM Chip Just Ain’t Gonna Fly

by Jim Turley

LTE for the IoT

Unscrambling the Signal

by Bryon Moyer

Digesting Data and Making Our Algorithms Smarter

MEMS, LoRa and the Next Decade of Sensing

by Amelia Dalton

Clouds Forming Over IoT

Wirepas, ARM Represent Opposite Ends of Cloud Spectrum

by Jim Turley

Long Live the King - eFPGAs Reign Supreme

Flex Logix and Achronix Bring Embedded FPGAs into the Spotlight

by Amelia Dalton

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Editors' Blog

Safety and Security Conference

posted by Dick Selwood

With the growth of the IoT there is increased interest in the overlapping areas of safety and security. There is already a lot of knowledge on these issues and this has been shared by the IET's International System Safety and Cyber Security Conference. The eleventh version of this conference is running from 11—13 October 2016 in London. (14-Sep)

Meet You in Brussels?

posted by Dick Selwood

the imec Technology Forum is in Brussels in May (20-Apr)

A More Secure Time Server

posted by Bryon Moyer

Time servers allow us to track multiple events from different systems and networks with a consistent time base. But an evildoer can flood such servers with requests, causing crashes. Microsemi has released a new time server that addresses this vulnerability. (13-Jan)

Fancy walking around with urine in your socks?

posted by Dick Selwood

A team at the University of the West of England has used urine driven microbial fuel cells in socks to generate enough current to send wireless signals. (11-Dec)

Securing the core

posted by Dick Selwood

A Franco-German announcement brings improved security to SoCs for the IoT (17-Nov)

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A New Round of Multicore Tools

Posted on 01/21/17 at 5:10 PM by KumarV

Learning the basics of parallel programming and the associated challenges is always going to enable the engineer to make better decisions. However, you would probably agree that this approach doesn't scale fast enough in a manual process. For times like…

A New Round of Multicore Tools

Posted on 01/19/17 at 1:00 PM by TotallyLost

I think the most offensive part of the product, is the lack of truth selling it on their website, starting with the front page.

Parallel programming is SEVERAL strict disciplines for different architectures, as are the disciplines for performance optim…

A New Round of Multicore Tools

Posted on 01/16/17 at 6:29 PM by TotallyLost

Not particularly impressed with Silexica's approach, and I have a long history in parallel programming, and both instruction/data level hardware/software/algorithm architecture issues driving it. Knowing what the bottlenecks in parallelism are, is critica…

Every PMIC You Ever Wanted

Posted on 01/16/17 at 12:58 PM by JohnBirkner

Access to LUTs is not available at this time, as AnDAPT is focused on providing fully tested standard Power Components such as Buck Regulators, LDOs, Switches and Sequencers. We will soon have logic based components related to power management such as RTC…

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