Monstrous Memory

Altera SiP Brings the Bandwidth

by Kevin Morris

Altera quietly announced their new “Stratix 10 DRAM SiP” recently, and the headline almost slipped in below our radar. After all, we’ve been hearing about “Stratix 10” for a while now. We have written about the impressive capabilities it will bring to the table, thanks to substantial architectural advances by Altera and the promise of Intel’s 14nm Tri-Gate (Intel’s term for FinFET) technology. And, “DRAM” is about as exciting as reruns of old Super Bowls.

So, the only thing to catch much attention was the little “SiP” part tacked onto the end of the title, and even that is a concept we’ve covered in quite a bit of detail.  Read More

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November 30, 2015

RFEL announces the Correlator AX for real time, multiple Unique Pattern detection across thousands of data streams

Renesas Electronics Europe and SEVENSTAX Announce Solution that Supports Secure Web Access Using Standard Internet Protocols over a PROFINET Communication

November 25, 2015

Anritsu Introduces ShockLine™ VNA Solutions to Lower Test Costs Associated with Verifying E-band, Microwave Passive Component Performance

STMicroelectronics Introduces World's First Integrated EMI Filter for Automotive Ethernet Connectivity

November 23, 2015

Synopsys Delivers Industry's First Ethernet 400G Verification IP for Next-Generation Networking and Communications Systems

November 17, 2015

New STM32 Nucleo expansion board with boostedNFC from ams provides complete hardware and software blueprint for ultra compact NFC designs

TI introduces lowest latency, highest ESD industrial Gigabit Ethernet PHYs, enabling real-time Industry 4.0 applications

Latest VadaTech AMC Supports new 8-Core Intel Xeon Processor D Family

Ossia Inc. and Si-Ware Systems Introduce World’s First Fully-Integrated Remote Wireless Charging Chipset

STMicroelectronics Announces Most Advanced 32bit Secure Microcontroller

Alpha Data Announces the Release of its Industry Leading FPGA Accelerator Board for 100G/25G Network Processing at SC15

November 16, 2015

Cellnetrix offers secure embedded operating system for Cortus-based M2M and IoT integrated circuits

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CPUs Get Cheaper; Transistors Get More Expensive

Synopsys Keynote Presentation Highlights Some Strange Trends

by Jim Turley

Heterogeneous Processing, SoCs and FPGAs

A Path to Flexible System Implementation

by Dick Selwood

Of Trapdoors and Elliptic Curves and Braids

Encryption Math Comes to an IoT Device Near You

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RTI Eliminates the HTTP Middleman

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Authentication in the IoT

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Editors' Blog

Securing the core

posted by Dick Selwood

A Franco-German announcement brings improved security to SoCs for the IoT (17-Nov)

Four weeks of argument over a second

posted by Dick Selwood

The ITU is arguing over whether we need a leap second (2-Nov)

Single-Radio Zigbee and Thread

posted by Bryon Moyer

Zigbee and Thread packets can now be funneled through a single radio. Where might that be useful? (22-Sep)

The Internet of Lightbulbs

posted by Bryon Moyer

CSR has announced a lighting solution that includes beacons and meshing. Which brings us some more Bluetooth meshing details. (10-Sep)

WiFi Three Ways from CEVA

posted by Bryon Moyer

CEVA has offered up IP for integrating WiFi into SoCs. Three configurations are optimized for three use cases. (27-Aug)

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The Industrial Internet Reference Architecture

Posted on 11/30/15 at 9:53 AM by bmoyer

Do you see industrial IoT designs converging on the ideas in the IIC's reference architecture? Or do you still see architectures proliferating?

FDA names salmon the first genetically modified animal safe to eat

Posted on 11/29/15 at 9:47 PM by SteveNordquis4

Exactly one growth hormone, and you get unvetted salmon in 18mos. instead of a year. The huge win is, to get them some current to swim in in so they don't taste like garfish, you're doing water-moving cross-fit and are guaranteed the salmon are the uglies…

Researchers teaching robots how to best reject orders from humans

Posted on 11/29/15 at 9:25 PM by SteveNordquis4

Case 5 is going to fail in all cases, so that's nice. "I am standing on the table, stylish_dismounts.lib failed to load, it can't get much worse...what is the tipping use-case in this room?"

Yeah, I can see they drilled on the bar crane safety drills, …

German robot practices hitting humans to ensure future safety

Posted on 11/27/15 at 8:18 PM by SteveNordquis4

Sounds legit. Wholly owned by the My Watch Already Mansplained It To Your Healthcare Provider Group PLC, MENA.

Late enough in the episode to say "Those aren't galvanic response and Burr Discomfort Index curves!"

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