Accelerating AI at the Edge

What do robotic beehives, FPGAs, and AI at the edge have in common? This week’s episode of Fish Fry of course! First up, we chat with Sammy Cheung CEO of Efinix. Sammy and I explore the challenges of launching a new FPGA company today and why artificial intelligence applications at the edge are perfect for their Trion™ FPGA silicon platform. Also this week, we … Read More → "Accelerating AI at the Edge"

The Coming Disintegration

It’s an idea rooted in the very identity of the products that the semiconductor industry puts out: the integrated circuit (or IC). For decades, our job has been to take lots of things that used to exist as separate components – transistors, resistors, capacitors, and such – and build them all in close proximity on a single monolithic piece of silicon.

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EDA Escapade

I hope you have your sunscreen and sunglasses packed my friends because we’re going on an EDA escapade this week! First up, we head down the IP interstate with Neil Robinson (Cadence Design Systems) who is giving us a grand tour of LiDAR, radar, 5G and the Tensilica ConnX B20 DSP. Also this week, Bob Smith (Executive Director – Electronic System Design Alliance) joins us to discuss … Read More → "EDA Escapade"

Three Radicals Walk Into a Bar…

“The young always inherit the revolution.” – Huey Newton

Karl Marx, Charles Babbage, and Adam Smith walk into a bar. 

After ordering drinks, the fathers of modern computing, socialism, and capitalism have a little discussion about the best ways to improve engineers’ productivity and efficiency. Babbage the engineer says that creativity and inspiration are key to innovation; … Read More → "Three Radicals Walk Into a Bar…"

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Posted on Jul 17 at 2:56am by JeanToomey
I feel like state education become less and less important and it’s easier and more effective to learn everything independently, because you know what kind of results you want to have and what kind of information you need. Well, I’m going to college already, but since I found <...
Posted on Jul 15 at 2:45pm by Azmat
typo These improvements will come at MUCH lower cap costs THAN the next gen process upgrade.
Posted on Jul 15 at 2:44pm by Azmat
We like to build products to highest desired performance even if features are rarely, if ever, used. I dont even know all the stuff cramped in to my 16 iPhone6; all i know is that i keep running out of storage!! The underlying drive towards super-integration is the border interaction. The ...
Posted on Jul 15 at 10:30am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of this whole chiplet approach to design?
Posted on Jul 11 at 7:53pm by cowduo
I thought you might like this line: "The International Maritime Bureau has identified over 280 different ways to breach a container while leaving inert security seals intact." From their press-release: I would love to see that list ... or maybe a video demonstrating all 280. - ...
Posted on Jul 9 at 8:39pm by TotallyLost
As a side note ... do not code with lots of small functions, that just makes this form of rogue reverse engineering a piece of cake. If a function is called a single/few time(s), expand it inline manually, except where recursion is used. When you are done, most functions ...
Posted on Jul 8 at 12:28pm by freds
Very interesting device and application. The mounting location is also interesting: it's right next to both a horizontal and vertical seam in the container. Since these containers don't normally have EMI gasketing, this offers some communication possibilities. Perhaps the two mechanical features for the proximity sensors help couple RF to/...
Posted on Jul 8 at 8:54am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of this industrial IoT solution for tracking shipments?
Posted on Jul 2 at 10:36pm by TotallyLost
UCB used the same strategy when they took V7 Unix source code, and gutted all the actual code, leaving just function statements and data declarations, and re-wrote every function for FreeBSD. This certainly doesn't meet the 3rd party clean room standard, but again, it's not strictly required by the law ...
Posted on Jul 1 at 8:53am by Bryon Moyer
How well do you see communication between verification and safety folks working at your company?
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Let'€™s face it: We'€™re addicted to SRAM. It'€™s big, it'€™s power-hungry, but it'€™s fast. And no matter how much we complain about it, we still use it. Because we don'€™t have anything better in the mainstream yet. We'€™ve looked at attempts to improve conven...
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Next Generation Applications for On-Board Optics When copper connections just don’t cut it – because of speed, reliability, or EMI constraints, optical connectivity provides the stable, secure, fast link your design needs. But many designers are not fluent in the world of optics. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Matthew Burns of Samtec about how to … Read More → "Next Generation Applications for On-Board Optics"
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