ARM Cortex-X1 Launches High-Performance Line

“And now for something completely different.” – John Cleese

In its latest bid for world domination, ARM has announced two new high-end Cortex processor designs. One is a nice, but unremarkable, tweak on the current Cortex-A77 core. The other is something different: an unabashed speed freak that drops any pretense of power efficiency in pursuit of performance. Say hello … Read More → "ARM Cortex-X1 Launches High-Performance Line"

StoryBoard and Cyborg Eyes: A Revolution in User Interfaces

This week’s podcast is absolutely brimming with electronic engineering goodness! First, we investigate the details of new artificial eye that can be powered by sunlight, developed by a team of researchers at Hong Kong University. Next, Jason Clarke (Crank Software) joins us to discuss user interface design, what their unique Storyboard platform is all about, and how I can get an embedded app running in minutes.

& … Read More → "StoryBoard and Cyborg Eyes: A Revolution in User Interfaces"

Endpoint AI FPGA Acceleration for the Masses

Let’s face it. Just about anybody can throw a few billion transistors onto a custom 7nm chip, crank up the coulombs, apply data center cooling, put together an engineering team with a few hundred folks including world expert data scientists, digital architecture experts, software savants, and networking gurus, and come up with a pretty decent AI inference engine. There’s nothing to it, really. </ … Read More → "Endpoint AI FPGA Acceleration for the Masses"

May 27, 2020
May 26, 2020
May 22, 2020
May 20, 2020
May 19, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Featured Paper

Paralleling Ideal Diodes

Sponsored by Maxim Integrated

In many circuits, the functionality of an ideal diode is required, but at much higher currents. A useful aspect of ideal diodes, such as Maxim's MAX40200, is that because they are implemented with MOSFETs and not diodes, they inherently share any load current. This application note investigates using multiple MAX40200 devices in parallel and their combined performance.

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Featured Video

DesignWare 112G Ethernet PHY IP JTOL & ITOL Performance

Sponsored by Synopsys

This video shows the Synopsys 112G Ethernet PHY IP in TSMC’s N7 process passing the jitter and interference tolerance test at the IEEE-specified bit error rate (BER). The IP with leading power, performance, and area is available in a range of FinFET processes for high-performance computing SoCs.

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Posted on May 27 at 11:13am by Karl Stevens
Do they really expect to dig themselves out of the hole by digging it deeper? Probably not -- they are just counting on people INTUITIVELY believing -- in the end more complexity is what sells. AND ALSO FORGETTING THAT THE CONTRAPTION WILL SOMEDAY HAVE TO BE VERIFIED. There are already 3 ...
Posted on May 21 at 7:09am by Karl Stevens
Quote: "Microchip has taken a different approach, creating a semi-generic (but customizable for your application) neural network processor in the FPGA fabric that allows new networks and coefficients to be rapidly loaded and re-loaded in real time without reconfiguring the FPGA. This gives a tremendous amount of in-system capability, with ...
Posted on May 11 at 1:39pm by Jim Turley
The most egregious example (this week): Wink has been selling its home-automation hubs for years with no subscription. This week, they started demanding monthly payments and will brick the hardware for any customer who doesn't sign up.
Posted on May 6 at 11:19pm by first microprocessor
Preface on the History of the World’s First Microprocessor. Author Preface to the “Accidental Engineer” ~ Ray Holt ~ Growing up was not so normal. Our father was an Itinerant welder and pipe fitter and we traveled across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and California. We had a family ...
Posted on May 6 at 11:22am by Kevin Morris
Seems to me that companies should either be selling products or selling services, but not selling products and then trying to use a service model. If you're selling a piece of gear, make sure it works with or without the service. If you're selling a service, required gear should be ...
Posted on May 2 at 12:09pm by Max Maxfield
Twas ever thus -- if you ever hear engineers talking outside your own discipline, much of it sounds like a different language. When I hear the IT guys talking, for example, I think to myself "This is what I must sound like to my wife" (fortunately, she never listens to ...
Posted on May 1 at 11:46pm by Ian Johns
Isn't the industry going to drown in its own terminology?
Posted on Apr 28 at 1:35pm by
Mr Formica mentioned an intro to AI course. I think this is it
Posted on Apr 23 at 1:53am by Max Maxfield
"The ones you’re burning down aren’t even 5G towers anyway… Idiots." Hey, you can't talk about my mother like that LOL I'm surprised you didn't reference my column about "The Untold Link Between 5G and Coronavirus" (, but maybe "they" told you not ...
Posted on Apr 20 at 9:13am by Jim Turley
Does the origin of your IP matter? Does the company, country, person, or funding behind a product affect your thinking at all?
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May 27, 2020
Could life evolve on ice worlds, ocean worlds, ocean worlds covered in ice, halo worlds that are tidally locked with their sun, and rogue worlds without a sun? If so, what sort of life might it be?...
May 26, 2020
I get pleasure from good quality things. Quality is a vague term, but, to me, it is some combination of good design for usability, functionality and aesthetics, along with reliability and durability. Some of these factors can be assessed very quickly; others take time. For ex...
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#robotcombat #combatrobots #robotwars #WeWantSeason5 #WeGotSeason5 These are some of the most popular hashtags used by a growing number of global BattleBots enthusiasts. Teams from all backgrounds design, build and test robots of all sizes for one purpose in mind: Robot Comba...
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[From the last episode: We looked at the complexities of cache in a multicore processor.] OK, time for a breather and for some review. We'€™ve taken quite the tour of computing, both in an IoT device (or even a laptop) and in the cloud. Here are some basic things we looked ...
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