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Let’s Read Our Little Cotton Socks Off (Part 3)!

I simply don’t know where the time goes. It seems like yonks since I wrote Part 1 and Part 2 of this soon to be famous (or forgotten) mega-mini-series. Speaking of yonks (which essentially means “a long time” but can also mean “a longer time than expected”) reminds me of the fact that we use three tenses in the English language: past, present, and future. For example: Bob ate my bacon sandwich (past), I am not happy (present), Bob will surely suffer for his transgression (future). … Read More → "Let’s Read Our Little Cotton Socks Off (Part 3)!"

Let’s Read Our Little Cotton Socks Off! (Part 1)

Earlier today as I pen these words, I was video conferencing with one of my friends regarding a project on which we’re working. We’ll call my chum Brian (because that’s his name). Although he’s a young whippersnapper who has braved only a scant 55 cold and gray winters, Brian told me that he’s becoming increasingly conscious as to how fleeting is our … Read More → "Let’s Read Our Little Cotton Socks Off! (Part 1)"

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