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Want to Learn Programming and Microcontrollers?

The funny thing about knowing something yourself is that you tend to assume everyone else knows it also. This is especially true on a site like EEJournal that attracts electronic engineers and embedded systems developers from all walks of life. But the funny thing is — when you actually get to sit down and chat with people — you begin to realize how little they typically know outside … Read More → "Want to Learn Programming and Microcontrollers?"

Henny Youngman and The Law of Unintended Consequences: Fish Fry Welcomes Eric Bogatin

If there is a fire you are trying to douse, you can’t put it out from inside the house” – Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton

The man, the myth, the signal integrity legend Eric Bogatin joins Fish Fry this week! We discuss the propagation of misconceptions in our design lives, the law of unintended consequences and what the Henny Youngman principle is all about. Also this … Read More → "Henny Youngman and The Law of Unintended Consequences: Fish Fry Welcomes Eric Bogatin"

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Oct 27, 2021
ASIC hardware verification is a complex process; explore key challenges and bug hunting, debug, and SoC verification solutions to satisfy sign-off requirements. The post The Quest for Bugs: The Key Challenges appeared first on From Silicon To Software....
Oct 27, 2021
Cadence was recently ranked #7 on Newsweek's Most Loved Workplaces list for 2021 and #17 on Fortune's World's Best Workplaces list. Cadence received top recognition among thousands of other companies... [[ Click on the title to access the full blog on the Cadence Community s...
Oct 20, 2021
I've seen a lot of things in my time, but I don't think I was ready to see a robot that can walk, fly, ride a skateboard, and balance on a slackline....
Oct 4, 2021
The latest version of Intel® Quartus® Prime software version 21.3 has been released. It introduces many new intuitive features and improvements that make it easier to design with Intel® FPGAs, including the new Intel® Agilex'„¢ FPGAs. These new features and improvements...
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MathWorks Connects to HardwareThe Maker movement is exploding right now, and most of the cool projects require doing some math. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Amnon Gai of The MathWorks about using the powerful capabilities of MATLAB and Simulink in anything from your next maker hobby project to full-blown industrial designs. Click the … Read More → "MathWorks Connects to Hardware"