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Introducing the World’s First Monolithic MEMS Speaker

I have seen the future of hearables. And it is MEMS. And it is good.

I’m being exposed to all sorts of cool technologies these days. Unfortunately, one of my problems – in addition to (a) being hounded by hordes of groupies at engineering conferences and (b) the fact that my groupies are all curmudgeonly old male engineers – is that I’m easily distrac… SQUIRREL!

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Xilinx and Samsung Collaborate on 5G

These are crazy times. Even though most of the world is locked down in quarantine right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, engineering teams around the world are still working – through a variety of clever means – to continue making progress on the deployment of 5G infrastructure. 5G is by far the most ambitious rollout of wireless networking technology ever attempted, and it brings with it daunting … Read More → "Xilinx and Samsung Collaborate on 5G"

Your RTOS or Mine?

Are you ready to RTOS? Because I am! In this episode of Fish Fry, Mike Skrtic (Percepio) and I discuss RTOS fundamentals, advanced RTOS Techniques, and how you can get a little help with your next RTOS debugging project. Also this week, we check out some cool (and creepy?) new artificial skin technology called “Skin-On” that could make skin-on-skin interactions with our gadgets a reality.

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5G Meets 50,000 Fans at Super Bowl 2025

Recently, I was basking in my comfy command chair relishing the adverts on television. They’re really the only thing worth watching since the Gilmore Girls ended (my wife, Gina the Gorgeous, and I just finished watching the re-runs… again) and while one is waiting for the next season of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker to launch in 2020.

One of these adverts showed a bunch of people … Read More → "5G Meets 50,000 Fans at Super Bowl 2025"

Another Fine Mesh

“There is no shame is being ambivalent about almost everything in your life.” – Louis Theroux

Hey, kids, let’s all make something! If your STEM summer camp counselor has got you soldering instead of swimming, chances are you’re building some sort of home-automation appliance. Which means you’re probably hacking hardware, slinging code, and testing network compatibility. Well, Silicon Labs has … Read More → "Another Fine Mesh"

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Aug 7, 2020
HPC. FinTech. Machine Learning. Network Acceleration. These and many other emerging applications are stressing data center networks. Data center architectures evolve to ensure optimal resource utilization and allocation. PECFF (PCIe® Enclosure Compatible Form Factor) was dev...
Aug 6, 2020
Would you believe that the clever Victorians had incredibly cunning 21-segment incandescent lamp-based displays as far back as 1898?...
Aug 6, 2020
Rigid-flex sounds like something that might be a Crossfit workout-of-the-day. But it is actually a way of doing electronic design for small form factors using flexible PCBs (typically along with some... [[ Click on the title to access the full blog on the Cadence Community s...
Jul 31, 2020
[From the last episode: We looked at the notion of sparsity and how it helps with the math.] We saw before that there are three main elements in a CNN: the convolution, the pooling, and the activation . Today we focus on activation . I'€™ll start by saying that the uses of ...
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Keeping Your Linux Device Secure — Mentor   Embedded security is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. Even after your design is shipped, security vulnerabilities are certain to be discovered – even in things like the operating system. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Kathy Tufto from Mentor – a Siemens business, about how to make … Read More → "Keeping Your Linux Device Secure — Mentor"
Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Technology — Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics   In industrial applications, crystals are not ideal for generating clock signal timing. They take up valuable PCB real-estate, and aren’t stable in harsh thermal and vibration environments. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Nick Smith from Texas Instruments about bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology that offers an attractive alternative … Read More → "Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Technology — Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics"
RX23W Bluetooth — Renesas and Mouser Electronics   Adding Bluetooth to your embedded design can be tricky for IoT developers. Bluetooth 5 brings a host of new capabilities that make Bluetooth integration more compelling than ever. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Michael Sarpa from Renesas about the cool capabilities of Bluetooth 5, and how you can … Read More → "RX23W Bluetooth — Renesas and Mouser Electronics"
Demystifying Wireless! Key Considerations for Adding Wireless to Your IoT Solution — Digi & Mouser Adding wireless connectivity to your IoT design can be a major challenge in an already-crowded schedule. And, doing it as an afterthought can cause all kinds of trouble. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Andrew Reiter from Digi International about a holistic approach to designing wireless connected designs. Click here … Read More → "Demystifying Wireless! Key Considerations for Adding Wireless to Your IoT Solution — Digi & Mouser"
High Accuracy Temperature Sensors — Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics  Many applications require industrial-grade, high-accuracy temperature sensors. But, choosing the correct sensor for your industrial design can be a challenge. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Punya Prakesh of Texas Instruments about the challenges of high-accuracy sensors, the factors to consider when designing with them, and how to choose the … Read More → "High Accuracy Temperature Sensors — Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics"
Transitioning to 5G — KEMET and Mouser Electronics   The transition to 5G is challenging just about every element of our system designs. Most of us spend a lot of energy worrying about high data rates, signal integrity, and RF challenges, but it’s easy to forget that the impacts of 5G extend to things like passives as well. In this episode of … Read More → "Transitioning to 5G — KEMET and Mouser Electronics"