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Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware and IP that turn design concepts into reality.


Cadence Blog – Latest Posts

Podcast: PCB 3.0: More Power to the EEs
Today’s electrical engineers (EEs) are being asked to design increasingly complex products in less time than ever before. To satisfy design requirements and produce designs on schedule, EEs require solutions that let them not only capture design logic, but also run meaningf...
May 23, 2024
Longhorn Racing Is Building the Future of Electric Vehicles
Not only is Longhorn Racing, a student-run organization at the University of Texas, Austin, striving to build the best electric, solar, and combustion race cars, they’re also looking to build the future generation of engineers. Some of the challenges the electric team faces...
May 23, 2024
Making Shipping Greener Part III: EEXI Calculations with Fine Marine
CFD simulation of a rudder propeller interaction The maritime industry is undergoing transformative changes to mitigate environmental impact and promote sustainability. One crucial development in this transition is the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) , establishe...
May 23, 2024
Cadence Committed to Sustainability: Inside the Mission Sustainable Program
Cadence has a mission to help solve technology's toughest challenges to make a lasting, positive impact on our world, highlighting the company's commitment to environmental stewardship and empowering employees to become ambassadors for sustainability both within and...
May 22, 2024
DEI@Cadence: Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month Spotlight
Written by Emma Salom, Program Management Director at CEO Office; Yichen Qiu, Software Engineer in DSG R&D; and Claire Ying, Sr Group Director in SVG R&D and AAPI Inclusion Group lead, Cadence. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not just words but values that ...
May 22, 2024
The Role of AI in Transforming the Olympic Games
Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the sports industry in myriad ways. From enhancing athletic performance with sophisticated training programs to improving security and fan engagement, AI's impact is transformative and far-reaching. The journey of AI in sports...
May 21, 2024
Training Insights - Free Online Courses on Cadence Learning and Support Portal
Want to know how to learn more about Cadence tools and technologies for free? Cadence offers a variety of training services to help you get the most out of your technology investment. You will need a Cadence Learning and Support Portal account to access our free online course...
May 21, 2024
Speedy Gate-Level Simulation with Xcelium Multi-Core - Northrup-Grumman's Story
We all know the benefits of gate-level simulation, but we also all know the pain of trying to run it. Setting up and running GLS on large designs is a huge time sink for engineers—but what if there was a better way? A large team at Northrup Grumman faced this exact issue wo...
May 20, 2024


Chalk Talks Featuring Cadence

Faster, More Predictable Path to Multi-Chiplet Design Closure
The challenges for 3D IC design are greater than standard chip design - but they are not insurmountable. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Vinay Patwardhan from Cadence Design Systems about the variety of challenges faced by 3D IC designers today and how Cadence’s integrated, high-capacity Integrity 3D IC Platform, with its 3D design planning and implementation cockpit, flow manager and co-design capabilities will not only help you with your next 3D IC design.
Mar 3, 2022
Enabling Digital Transformation in Electronic Design with Cadence Cloud
With increasing design sizes, complexity of advanced nodes, and faster time to market requirements - design teams are looking for scalability, simplicity, flexibility and agility. In today’s Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Mahesh Turaga about the details of Cadence’s end to end cloud portfolio, how you can extend your on-prem environment with the push of a button with Cadence’s new hybrid cloud and Cadence’s Cloud solutions you can help you from design creation to systems design and more.
Mar 3, 2022
Machine-Learning Optimized Chip Design -- Cadence Design Systems
New applications and technology are driving demand for even more compute and functionality in the devices we use every day. System on chip (SoC) designs are quickly migrating to new process nodes, and rapidly growing in size and complexity. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Rod Metcalfe about how machine learning combined with distributed computing offers new capabilities to automate and scale RTL to GDS chip implementation flows, enabling design teams to support more, and increasingly complex, SoC projects.
Oct 14, 2021
Cloud Computing for Electronic Design (Are We There Yet?)
When your project is at crunch time, a shortage of server capacity can bring your schedule to a crawl. But, the rest of the year, having a bunch of extra servers sitting around idle can be extremely expensive. Cloud-based EDA lets you have exactly the compute resources you need, when you need them. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Craig Johnson of Cadence Design Systems about Cadence’s cloud-based EDA solutions.
May 8, 2020


Featured Content from Cadence

featured video
Why Wiwynn Energy-Optimized Data Center IT Solutions Use Cadence Optimality Explorer
In the AI era, as the signal-data rate increases, the signal integrity challenges in server designs also increase. Wiwynn provides hyperscale data centers with innovative cloud IT infrastructure, bringing the best total cost of ownership (TCO), energy, and energy-itemized IT solutions from the cloud to the edge.
Apr 29, 2024
featured video
MaxLinear Integrates Analog & Digital Design in One Chip with Cadence 3D Solvers
MaxLinear has the unique capability of integrating analog and digital design on the same chip. Because of this, the team developed some interesting technology in the communication space. In the optical infrastructure domain, they created the first fully integrated 5nm CMOS PAM4 DSP. All their products solve critical communication and high-frequency analysis challenges.
Apr 15, 2024
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How MediaTek Optimizes SI Design with Cadence Optimality Explorer and Clarity 3D Solver
In the era of 5G/6G communication, signal integrity (SI) design considerations are important in high-speed interface design. MediaTek’s design process usually relies on human intuition, but with Cadence’s Optimality Intelligent System Explorer and Clarity 3D Solver, they’ve increased design productivity by 75X. The Optimality Explorer’s AI technology not only improves productivity, but also provides helpful insights and answers.
Apr 1, 2024
featured video
Faster Path to Multi-Chiplet Design Closure with Better Predictability
Discover how Cadence Integrity 3D-IC is reinventing multi-chiplet design. The Integrity™ 3D-IC Platform provides an industry-first holistic and comprehensive 3D-IC design planning, implementation, and analysis platform to take the full system view and perform system-driven optimization of performance, power, and area (PPA) for chiplets and co-design of interposers, packages, and PCBs for 3D-IC applications
Jan 4, 2024