HLS is the New Black

Cadence Stratus Ushers In a New Era

by Kevin Morris

It’s been more than twenty years since I started working on high-level synthesis (HLS). You might say I’ve studied the topic a lot. For most of those two-plus decades, HLS has been widely considered the “design methodology of the future.” And there are those who have held onto the belief that it always will be.

For those of you not in tune with the terms, high-level synthesis is the automatic creation of hardware architectures from behavioral descriptions. At first, HLS was known as “behavioral synthesis.” But, after some early bad experiences, the EDA industry quietly shifted the name over to HLS - hoping that nobody would notice or have episodes of PTSD when confronted with the idea.  Read More

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March 31, 2015

Tektronix Introduces Affordable Arbitrary/Function Generator for Education, Entry-Level Test

March 25, 2015

New Synopsys ASIP Designer Tool Speeds Development of Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors by 5X

March 24, 2015

Tektronix Unveils 45 GHz Optical Modulation Analyzer for 400G Communications Testing

March 23, 2015

Vector Software Introduces Covered By Analysis Capability in VectorCAST 6.3 Suite

March 17, 2015

Cadence and Intel Collaborate to Release 14nm Library Characterization Reference Flow for Customers of Intel Custom Foundry

Synopsys Enables Continuous Debug Innovation with More Than 200 VC Apps Now Available on the Verdi Platform

March 16, 2015

Baikal Electronics Selects Synopsys Solutions to Accelerate the Design and Verification of Their Advanced SoCs

Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Accelerates VDK Performance by Up to 5X for Early Software Development

Mentor Graphics Announces HyperLynx Tool for Power-Aware Signal Integrity Simulation

March 13, 2015

Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform Enables 90 Percent of Volume-Production FinFET Designs

March 12, 2015

SystemC-based UVM testing from TVS streamlines IP for Blu Wireless Technology

Cadence Introduces Innovus Implementation System, Delivering Best-in-Class Results with Up to 10X Reduction in Turnaround Time

Mentor Graphics Acquires Tanner EDA

March 11, 2015

Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform Deployed by HiSilicon Technologies for Implementation of FinFET Designs

March 09, 2015

Synopsys' IC Compiler II Enables Toshiba's Tapeout of Complex 40-nm SoC, Proves out Game-Changing Capabilities

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Editors' Blog

Tanner to Join Mentor: Outsider Gets a Crew

posted by Bryon Moyer

Tanner has always done things its own way. So what will happen when they’re part of Mentor? (Yesterday)

Synopsys and Leading-Edge Litho

posted by Bryon Moyer

Where is Synopsys focused with its advanced lithography efforts? (24-Mar)

Universal Verification Stimulus Format

posted by Bryon Moyer

Accellera is embarking on a project to unify stimulus formats so that stimulus can be ported across scopes and platforms. (13-Mar)

What Does a 5-nm Transistor Look Like?

posted by Bryon Moyer

Imec and Synopsys announced TCAD collaboration at 5 nm. What mischief could they be up to? (17-Feb)

Is Someone Tampering with Your IoT?

posted by Bryon Moyer

You may take comfort in encrypting your stored data and securing your communications and authenticating anyone coming through the front door. But are there ways you haven’t thought about in which your system is being corrupted? If you don’t know about these ways, by definition, then how can you be sure? (5-Feb)

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Intel Plus Altera

Posted on 03/31/15 at 12:21 PM by kleinman


You are spot-on, Intel's motivation is certainly multi-faceted. No doubt they see Altera's business as highly accretive to revenue, to say nothing of the gross margin dollar contribution.

Kevin and I chose to focus on the datacenter angle for …

Intel Plus Altera

Posted on 03/31/15 at 8:58 AM by dougafpga

Nice analysis, but I hope it's not that simple.
If Intel's alleged interest is a single-minded "hold the (data) centre", then what happens to all the other Altera users who suddenly find they are no longer at the focal point of a new "Intel FPGA division…

It’s EUV Season Again

Posted on 03/30/15 at 9:36 AM by bmoyer

Are you confident that EUV will materialize in a useful timeframe? Or are you making other plans?

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