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Is the Future All One Thing?

by Kevin Morris

Sometimes, while wrapped up in the day-to-day minutia of technology trends, we can lose sight of the big, slow movements. Underneath the fast-paced, frenetic world of next-node Moore’s Law chaos are some giant trendline tectonic plates - slowly sliding, shifting along fault lines that are barely visible in our normal tech lives.

Let’s fire up our future-facing seismometers and see what electronic bastions are poised to slide off into the ocean when the next “big one” hits.

For the past thirty years, there has been extreme diversity in chips and in chip makers. We have processor companies making processors, of course; memory companies, microcontroller companies, FPGA companies, analog companies, RF companies, interface companies - every specialized type of chip hosts a mini-market of semiconductor specialists, competing for points of market share in their own little tightly-walled technology arena.  Read More

Industry News

August 04, 2015

Wearable Impact and Health Monitor Wins element14’s Sudden Impact Challenge

EMA Adds Industry First Bi-directional Interface Between OrCAD and Arena PLM

New Cadence Joules RTL Power Solution Delivers 20X Faster Time-Based Power Analysis within 15 Percent Accuracy to Signoff

New Chip Inductors Offer Highest Inductance and Lowest DCR of any 0402-sized RF Choke

Micrium RTOS Kernels Support Xilinx’ All Programmable Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Advantech Launches Full Support of Microsoft Windows 10 Enabling the IoT

Toshiba Develops World's First 256Gb, 48-Layer BiCS FLASH

ST Unveils its DOCSIS 3.1 Chipset Solution, Opening Multi-Gigabit Era to Cable MSOs

RTI Introduces First Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity Software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Wind River Achieves CMMI Level 3 Appraisal for Automotive Expertise and Services

August 03, 2015

Synopsys and ASMedia Announce Industry's First USB 3.1 Interoperability Demonstration

Avnet Electronics Marketing Releases New Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC/Analog Devices Intelligent Drives Kit II

Synopsys, UL to Reveal Details About Cybersecurity Assurance Program at CodenomiCON USA 2015

New congatec COM Express compact modules with Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors

Industry’s first high-current PMBus converters with frequency synchronization reduce EMI

New Safety-Documentation Package for STMicroelectronics STM8A Automotive Microcontrollers Streamlines ISO 26262 Certification

Realtek Accelerates System-on-Chip Verification with Cadence Palladium XP Platform

ClioSoft Debuts SOS Design Data Management Platform v7.0

July 31, 2015

Saelig Introduces Programmable Active 30MHz to 5GHz RF Mixer / RF Signal Generator

Get the New Pocket-Sized Intel Compute Stick with Linux Available Now at Mouser

Altera FPGAs Power New RICOH SP 3600DN Printer Series

July 30, 2015

Altium Announces Major Update to TASKING Compiler for TriCore/AURIX Microcontrollers

QuickLogic Announces the EOS Platform, The World’s Most Advanced Sensor Processing SoC

Tektronix Releases MHL 3.0 Advanced Analysis and Compliance Test Solution

RTECC hosts Altera with two sessions on FPGA and Industrial Ethernet

New Evaluation Board from STMicroelectronics Simplifies NFC Deployment in Wearables, IoT, Smart Cities, and Other Emerging Applications

Accellera Systems Initiative Delivers UVM 1.2 to IEEE for Standardization

July 29, 2015

Synopsys Releases Latest Version of Coverity Software Testing Platform

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Silicon Cloud, IBM Give It a Go

by Bryon Moyer

A View from Above

Design Enablement in the Cloud

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Subjecting your Design to an Audit Can be Painful and/or Enlightening

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Fairchild Debuts MEMS

posted by Bryon Moyer

Fairchild, the doyenne of the semiconductor industry, is weighing in with their first MEMS device: an IMU with specified orientation accuracy. (Yesterday)

QuickLogic Goes Full SoC for Sensors

posted by Bryon Moyer

QuickLogic has announced a new device that builds on ArcticLink, intended to act as the always-on manager for phones and wearables. (30-Jul)

CogniVue Drives at Mobileye

posted by Bryon Moyer

Mobileye is far and away the leader in ADAS vision processing. CogniVue has announced a roadmap to change that. (28-Jul)

Cadence Refreshes Synthesis and Formal

posted by Bryon Moyer

Cadence has recently announced new versions of their synthesis tools and the integration of recently acquired Jasper technology into the fold. (23-Jul)

Motion for User Interfaces

posted by Bryon Moyer

Quantum Interface announces their Qi technology. It may look like just more gesture recognition, but it isn’t. (9-Jul)

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Cloud EDA Round 2

Posted on 08/03/15 at 11:07 AM by TotallyLost

At least working with IBM and Globalfoundaries It's likely your IP will stay in the US. Doesn't mean that Asian IP theft rings can not insert/purchase Globalfoundaries employees. At least with the majority of the company inside the US, we have US laws and…


Posted on 08/03/15 at 10:29 AM by bmoyer

Regarding auditing by end customers, that's going to depend mightily on who that end customer is. If we're talking home automation, there's no way your average customer is going to do that (they wouldn't know how, nor could they interpret artifacts). So t…

Cloud EDA Round 2

Posted on 08/03/15 at 9:24 AM by bmoyer

Do these new cloud-based EDA offerings adequately address security, to the point where you could use them?

A View from Above

Posted on 07/31/15 at 11:40 AM by TotallyLost

Hmmm ... more outsourcing IT and EDA engineering jobs.

And moving critical US IP into foreign hands, where IP laws are sometimes less than useful?

There is resistance to this???


Posted on 07/29/15 at 2:02 PM by RyanKenny

An important aspect of the picture you draw here is that it is multi-party: chip vendor, processor IP provider, OS/RTOS provider, hypervisor provider, stack source (open?), and applications.

I won't comment if Benjamin Franklin's quote about secrets an…


Posted on 07/27/15 at 2:30 PM by TotallyLost

And the TEE needs to be completely transparent -- From tool chain that compiles it, source codes for everything (tool chain, libraries, and product), and the verifiable binaries that are produced.

Trust starts with the transparency that anyone, especia…


Posted on 07/27/15 at 10:55 AM by bmoyer

How does your security setup establish trust, especially if it's a small device?

The Zen of Verification and IoT Maintenance

Posted on 07/24/15 at 11:48 AM by Lord Loh.

Lord Loh.
Hi Amelia,

I want to enter the contest to win the super cool, amazing Odyssey MAX 10 BLE Kit. smiling

Engineering Agility

Posted on 07/22/15 at 6:25 PM by rcousins

Kevin - couldn't agree more! And with the price of ARM-based SoCs falling like a rock, the day of shipping high-volume products with features that have yet to be conceived of on delivery day is fast approaching... It's one of the big reasons we went with …

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Announcing the RN4677 Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Module

Want to add plug-and-play Bluetooth to your design, but need to have 4.0 dual-mode? Now there is a solution that spans the gamut of Bluetooth technologies. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Dave Richkas of Microchip about a new module that provides 4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth in a ready-to-use configuration.

Meet PPA and Turnaround Time Requirements at Advanced Nodes with Innovus Implementation System

Today's complex IC designs demand a new generation of high-capacity, high-performance implementation tools. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats Yufeng Luo of Cadence Design Systems about the incredible innovations in Cadence's new Innovus implementation suite.

Mixed Signal Verification: The Long and Winding Road

Verification of your mixed-signal design can be a nightmare, with clashing disciplines and engineering cultures, and challenging use-case requirements. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Steve Carlson of Cadence Design Systems about a comprehensive approach to mixed-signal system verification.

Solution for Heterogeneous Multicore Embedded Systems

Designing software for heterogeneous multicore embedded systems is a daunting challenge. Each of those words "heterogeneous", "Multicore", and "embedded" represents something that can cause a major breakdown in the normal software development flow. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Felix Baum of Mentor Graphics about challenges and solutions for heterogeneous multicore embedded design.

FRAM Technology: The Next Generation of Non-volatile Memory for Microcontrollers

FRAM is one of the coolest non-volatile memory technologies to date. And, FRAM combined with microcontrollers is a perfect match. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Will Cooper of Texas Instruments about the practical implications of FRAM technology in MCUs.

PADS VX: Redefining Productivity

When it comes to PCB Design, the giant companies don't get ALL the cool toys. Desktop design tools are now getting impressive capabilities that rival their enterprise-scale big brothers. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton talks with Jim Martens of Mentor Graphics about the new PADS VX and the impressive capabilities it brings to desktop electronic design.

Product-Centric Design with Virtual Prototyping

As engineers, it's easy to get the feeling that your PCB is the center of the design universe. But, it's important to remember that we are designing products, not just boards, and a product-centric design methodology is essential to creating the competitive products that customers demand. Product level virtual prototyping validates that your detailed design approach can support the product requirements. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton and Bob Potock explore the concept of product-centric design with virtual prototyping and highlight how it differs from traditional, PCB-centric design.

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