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Shhh! Aspinity’s AML100 Analog AI Voice & Vibration IC is Listening!

Although the vast majority of people in the embedded and IoT industries are bouncing back and forth and jumping up and down singing the praises of digital systems and digital signal processing (DSP), it’s the topics of analog systems and analog signal processing (ASP) that have been much on (what I laughingly call) my mind … Read More → "Shhh! Aspinity’s AML100 Analog AI Voice & Vibration IC is Listening!"

Brain Chips are Here!

I remember the heady thrill of the early 1980s when the unwashed masses (in the form of myself and my friends) first started to hear people talking about “expert systems.” These little rascals (the systems, not the people) were an early form of artificial intelligence (AI) that employed a knowledge base of facts and rules … Read More → "Brain Chips are Here!"

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May 8, 2024
Learn how artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) applications at the edge rely on TSMC's N12e manufacturing processes and specialized semiconductor IP.The post How Synopsys IP and TSMC’s N12e Process are Driving AIoT appeared first on Chip Design....
May 2, 2024
I'm envisioning what one of these pieces would look like on the wall of my office. It would look awesome!...