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Yet Another 100 Captivating Columns and Counting!

I sometimes wonder how many words I’ve written professionally in my lifetime. At least two of my books (search for “Clive Maxfield” on Amazon) have exceeded 850 pages, but I have no idea how this equates to words, and I have no intention of spending any of the precious seconds I still have on this plane of existence counting them.

Virtualize This! How Virtual Modeling will Change the Future of IoT Development

Longtime friend of the show Bill Neifert (Corellium) joins me this week to chat about the benefits virtual modeling can bring to the world of IoT. We discuss trends in IoT system design today and how Arm and Corellium are looking to transform IoT development and testing environments with virtualization technology. Click here to download … Read More → "Virtualize This! How Virtual Modeling will Change the Future of IoT Development"

Arduino 0s and 1s, LOW and HIGH, False and True, and Other Stuff

It’s common to hear engineers and computer boffins say that digital computers are based on 0s and 1s, but what does this actually mean? On the one hand, this is relatively simple; I mean, 0 and 1, how hard can it be? On the other hand, there are so many layers to this metaphorical onion that, much like a corporeal onion, it can make your eyes water.

How to Build a Multi-Billion-Transistor SoC

As I’ve been known to note, one of the great things about being me—in addition to being outrageously handsome, a trendsetter, and a leader of fashion—is that I get to talk to all sorts of interesting companies and people about their uber-cool technologies.

All Change!

Earlier today as you are reading this (assuming you are reading it on Tuesday 6th September, which is when it’s scheduled to post on the EE Journal website), I gave my presentation to the MSc students studying Embedded Computing at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. I’m actually penning these … Read More → "All Change!"

Fish Fry 500: The Best of Makers Today! (Now on YouTube!)

In anticipation of the 500th episode of Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry (and the upcoming launch of Fish Fry on Youtube!), we are highlighting playlists of episodes cultivated from years of podcastin’ fun! This week, we revisit my limited edition Maker Series, where I interview innovative movers and shakers in the Maker space. Our Makers discuss their creative processes, … Read More → "Fish Fry 500: The Best of Makers Today! (Now on YouTube!)"

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