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New Customized Workshops to Harness Generative AI in the Workplace Now Available

Uniquely-Structured Noon-to-Noon “Unstoppable Forces” Led by Veteran AI, Machine Learning, and Organizational-Change Experts

Chapel Hill, NC (April 3, 2023) – Generative AI has captured the attention of the public. What must businesses and organizations do to harness it for current needs and future planning?

Three long-time AI, Machine Learning, and Organizational-Change pioneers have a solution. They have joined forces to deliver “Unstoppable Forces,” customized workshops that will enable businesses and organizations address shifting organization models, new position descriptions as tech augmentation opportunities increase, implications of the ongoing silver tsunami knowledge drain, knowledge/expertise capture/retention, and business model evolution.

The “Unstoppable Forces” workshops will be led by Kevin Clark, Federation Leader & President of Content Evolution, Richard Boyd, CEO of Ultisim Digital Twins, and, and Kyle Shannon, Chief Generative Officer of Content Evolution and founder of multiple Generative AI initiatives and communities.

“Generative AI has caught the attention and imagination of millions since the announcement and release of ChatGPT on November 30 of last year, just four short months ago,” said Boyd. “Before that, the metaverse and mulitiverse were on the lips of business analysts and reporters, and, for people in the know, digital twins and augmented reality.”

Guidance will include hard-won lessons from real-world implementations of AI and machine learning (ML) in a wide variety of industries. The Customized workshops are presented over two days (noon-to-noon) and will map these lessons to a company or organization’s specific industry, resulting in a design specific to each.

“Individually, each of us have been inundated with requests from companies across the country looking for answers,” said Clark. “When we ‘compared notes’ the three of us realized it would be smart to come together to offer a complete view of these ‘Unstoppable Forces’ and how to navigate this new landscape.”

Day One

• An afternoon of imagination and exploration – blow people away with what is possible now, and what is right around the corner.

• Lessons learned from real world implementations.

• End the afternoon with business model thoughts about augmentation vs. task replacement; what you want to keep inside you organization for competitive advantage; tech stack selection; sunsetting roles and reimagining position descriptions being rapidly enabled by platforms, digital twins, and generative AI.

• Let people sleep on this rush of information – give a single assignment to complete overnight.

Day Two

• Next morning gather and hear what people think after sleeping on what was shared the day before (briefly hear outcomes from overnight homework, if any).

• Use Clark Grid to ID immediate and high-value initiatives and actions. Move from easier-to-do to harder-to-do which requires investment/permissions.

• Leave with an action plan for your company and personnel Generative AI/ML strategy for the next three years – including immediate, nearer-term, and longer-term priorities.

• End of morning and completion of full-day cycle at Noon.

The workshops are available online or in-person.

More information:

Kevin Clark,

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