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VergeIO Extends Horizontal Scale to Edge and Enterprise with Atria Release

Unleashes the Edge and Makes Private Clouds a Reality

Ann Arbor, Mich, February 7, 2023 — VergeIO, the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company, today announced the immediate availability of its latest software release of VergeOS, the Data Center Operating System. The new release enables organizations to rapidly extend their infrastructures to the Edge with a new mesh-based management capability. It also provides a new Recipe Marketplace to simplify large data center deployments delivering on the full promise of the private cloud.

The new release, Atria, is named after one of the brightest stars in the sky; it aligns with the VergeIO’s north star, “simplify IT.” Unlike traditional hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI), UCI integrates virtualization, storage, and networking into a single data center operating system, VergeOS. With UCI, storage and networking are equal citizens to the hypervisor, not virtual machines (VM) crippled by a virtualization tax. The integration enables clusters of dissimilar hardware to be globally pooled and provisioned via Virtual Data Centers (VDC) for complete workload consolidation while maintaining workload integrity.

“Over the past few years, we have a seen a strong uptick in on premises data center modernization efforts in order to simplify operations and become more cloud-like,” says Scott Sinclair, Practice Director at the Enterprise Strategy Group, “The innovation from VergeIO aligns directly with those key objectives of delivering incredibly simply scalability of resources.”

Unleashing the Edge

UCI’s cohesive integration of virtualization, storage, and networking enables IT to use the same data center operating system at the Edge and in the core data center. Because of its efficient and optimal utilization of available hardware, VergeOS can deliver excellent Edge performance from two micro-servers, like Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) hardware. In the space of a shoebox, customers can deploy a complete data center. In the core data center, customers can scale to hundreds of nodes and support various workloads from a single piece of software.

In the Atria release, VergeOS adds a mesh-like management capability, Site Manager, which provides the ability to report each site’s status while enabling IT to operate each site from a single interface remotely. For example, IT administrators can easily, securely and safely manage software updates at hundreds of Edge and data centers.

Site Manager will parse through all the telemetry information that each site reports and highlight specific information that IT needs to be immediately aware of so it can, through the same interface, correct any issue that may arise. With Site Manager’s mesh design, there is no single point of management failure.

With the Atria release, VergeIO is creating a new edition of its software, “Edge Edition,” which supports a highly-available pair of nodes, 64GB per RAM per node, and unlimited storage.

Transforms Core Data Centers to Private Clouds

For IT professionals looking to simplify the provisioning and management of data center resources, describing core data centers as private clouds is more marketing-speak than reality. The Atria release of VergeOS makes the private cloud a reality in the core data center with the addition of VergeIO’s Recipe Marketplace. With a few clicks, the marketplace enables IT to deploy complete workloads, including all the VMs for that workload, the operating system and application software for those VMs, as well as the storage and network configurations.

In the initial release, the Recipe Marketplace will have over a dozen built-in recipes; customers can clone them or create their own and, in the future, contribute them to a community-driven marketplace. With VergeOS’ ability to consolidate different servers, storage, and networking into a cohesive operating environment, the Recipe Marketplace completes the private cloud vision.

External Backup Support

While VergeOS includes both built-in backup and multi-data center replication, the Atria release enables external backup software applications like Veeam, Commvault, and others to back up the VergeIO environment. External backup enables IT to integrate the VergeOS environment into their existing backup and disaster recovery procedures.

Performance Optimizations

There are also 140 different enhancements in the Atria release. VergeOS significantly improves performance load distribution so that all the elements within the data center operating system are used to maximum efficiency. The VergeIO development team’s goal is to ensure that every dollar the organization invests in hardware is fully utilized, and the Atria release continues that commitment.

According to Greg Campbell, Verge founder and CTO, “With this release, which includes 140 enhancements, we are leveraging the power of our ultraconverged architecture to deliver scalability, functionality and agility from the Edge to Enterprise to Cloud. Atria is a great step in our quest to reduce complexity and cost in IT infrastructure.”

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