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Vector Introduces its First Network Interface for Car2x/V2X Communication

Novi, MI, USA, 2019-July 9 – Vector announced the new VN4610 network interface – its first solution for IEEE-802.11p and CAN-(FD) based applications. As an interface to the CANoe.Car2x test tool, the interface will help advance 802.11p-based ECUs to production readiness quickly. 

The new Vector VN4610 is a network interface for accessing IEEE-802.11p and CAN-(FD) networks. As a result, users benefit from the ease of receiving and sending IEEE-802.11p messages in implementing Car2x-/V2X applications. The received IEEE-802.11p messages are transferred to the application time-synchronous to the CAN-(FD) messages. The built-in GNSS receiver provides the GNSS time and current position.

The VN4610 meets all technical hardware requirements for safely testing dedicated short range communications (DSRC) applications over IEEE-802.11p radio channels. It routes all received messages from the two radio channels, unfiltered, to a test tool such as CANoe.Car2x for analysis. The advantage for the developer is that messages can be analyzed that would have previously been rejected by an ECU due to timing, geographic information or Car2x/V2X protocol errors. In addition, latency measurements can also be performed because the time stamps of messages are synchronized to the bus channels. 

In conjunction with the CANoe.Car2x test tool, the VN4610 offers a tuned solution for creating a simulation environment for testing Car2x/V2X applications. The VN4610 interface sends the transmitted messages and configures the communication parameters for the various tests – easily and individually. 

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