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TDK SmartBug™, intelligent multi-sensor IoT module, now available worldwide

  • SmartBug™ combines TDK’s high-performance MEMS sensors and precision algorithms in a simple all-in-one wireless solution
  • Designed as a dedicated source of smart sensor data for a diverse range of
  • IoT use cases from smart homes and appliances to wellness monitoring
    Integration partnerships announced with Nordic, AKM, Sensirion, and Espressif Systems

    July 15, 2020 – TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) announces worldwide availability of the InvenSense SmartBug™, a compact, wireless multi-sensor solution designed for a plethora of commercial and consumer IoT applications. The out-of-the-box solution enables quick and easy access to reliable and smart sensor data without the need for programming, soldering or extra modifications. SmartBug is an all-in-one sensor module that integrates TDK’s 6-axis IMU (gyroscope + accelerometer) with magnetometer, pressure, temperature, humidity and ultrasonic sensors, and high-precision algorithms. These algorithms include sensor fusion, HVAC filter monitoring, asset monitoring, gesture detection, activity classification, air mouse monitoring and smart door open/close detection.

    The SmartBug module enables accurate and remote monitoring via both BLE and WiFi, and provides autonomous SD card data logging capability for IoT applications with large data volumes. With its small size, flat base and wireless features, the SmartBug is a perfect one-size-fits-all solution that can be stuck almost anywhere, from a simple door to an industrial robot, providing high-quality remote data collection.

    “SmartBug will make the process of gathering intelligent multi-sensor data very simple and effective,” says Sahil Choudhary, Product Manager, Motion and Pressure Sensors – IoT, InvenSense, a TDK Group Company. “This module is designed as the smallest complete IoT solution available to deliver quick and easy ‘smart sensor data,’ and is the perfect enabler for any product developer across consumer and commercial IoT applications.”

    InvenSense partnerships with Nordic, AKM, Sensirion, and Espressif Systems provide an ecosystem set of components that enable multiple key features within the SmartBug module:

    -Nordic Semiconductor: Nordic’s latest low-power MCU with BLE 5.2 acquires multi-sensor data from the SmartBug and runs all supported algorithms. It enables high-quality streaming of smart sensor data via both USB and BLE, and provides unique features such as OTA FW upgrade, and support for add-on cards with SD card logging and ultrasonic sensors.

    -Espressif Systems: The WiFi chip from Espressif expands the wireless data streaming and logging capabilities of SmartBug to higher throughput (up to 2KHz) and longer ranges.

    -AKM: AKM’s magnetometer enables multiple features including compass data collection, 9-axis sensor fusion for accurate orientation heading, and magnetic anomaly detection for asset monitoring applications in SmartBug.

    -Sensirion: SmartBug leverages the Humidity and Temperature sensor from Sensirion for data streaming and logging, and humidity and temperature-based events for asset monitoring applications.

    The all-in-one sensor solution is currently stocked at TDK’s distribution partners including Arrow, Avnet, DigiKey, Mouser, Symmetry and Components Distributors Inc. (CDI). For additional information and collateral, please visit or contact InvenSense Sales at

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