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Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a deep portfolio of software across a broad spectrum of industry domains. Siemens is the leader in driving enterprise-level digital transformation through market leading software and services. With these capabilities, Siemens provides the catalyst to accelerate digital transformation for companies of all sizes and in all industries. The Xcelerator portfolio encompasses Siemens’ capabilities for digital transformation and supports three key facets of the digital enterprise: comprehensive digital twin, personalized, adaptable solutions, and an open, modern ecosystem.

Design with Calibre – Latest Posts

Give me my space! Why high voltage and multiple power domain designs need automated context-aware spacing checks
Apr 20, 2021

By Sherif Hany and Abdellah Bakhali Regardless of which technology node they’re using, design houses…

DFM: Still a really good thing to do!
Apr 14, 2021

By Simon Favre If you’re not using critical area analysis and design for manufacturing to…

Calibre and the Semiconductor Ecosystem
Apr 12, 2021

The Semiconductor Ecosystem- It is the definition of “High Tech”, but it isn’t just about…

Collaboration and innovation thrive on diversity
Apr 5, 2021

Back in November 2019, just a few short months before we all began an enforced…

What is critical area analysis and why should I care?
Apr 1, 2021

By Simon Favre What makes money in the semiconductor industry? A killer IC design? Something…

Adaptive Patterning: Moving with the times (and technologies)
Mar 24, 2021

By John Ferguson and Kevin Rinebold Deca Technologies’ Adaptive Patterning technology and their newly-announced adaptive…

Building a strong reliability foundation with Calibre PERC
Mar 9, 2021

By Matthew Hogan How are you handling your reliability verification right now? Custom reliability verification?…

SPIE-ing at a distance…
Mar 3, 2021

The SPIE Advanced Lithography Digital Forum took place Feb 22-26, and of course, Siemens EDA…

Chalk Talks Featuring Siemens Digital Industries Software

Medical Device Security
Nov 3, 2020
In the new era of connected medical devices, securing embedded systems has become more important than ever. But, there is a lot medical device designers can borrow from current best-practices for embedded security in general. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Robert Bates from Mentor about strategies and challenges for securing modern medical devices and systems.
Keeping Your Linux Device Secure
Jun 1, 2020
Embedded security is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. Even after your design is shipped, security vulnerabilities are certain to be discovered - even in things like the operating system. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Kathy Tufto from Mentor - a Siemens business, about how to make a plan to keep your Linux-based embedded design secure, and how to respond quickly when new vulnerabilities are discovered.