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STMicroelectronics’ automotive-qualified micro-power op amp endures harsh temperature and extended mission profile

Geneva, March 9, 2023 – With micro-power current consumption and 150°C operating-temperature capability, STMicroelectronics’ TSU111H 5V automotive operational amplifier delivers a combination of properties that are unusual to find in one device.

Qualified to AEC-Q100 temperature Grade 0 (-40°C to 150°C), the TSU111H withstands environments that experience extreme heat such as in braking systems, combustion-engine exhaust systems, and fuel-cell generators. The high maximum temperature enables use inside sensor control units (SCUs) placed close to sensors installed in the hottest areas for optimum measurement accuracy.

In less extreme environments the TSU111H, with its extended temperature range, allows a mission profile up to three times longer than an equivalent Grade-1 device qualified at 125°C. As a Grade-0 device, ST’s new op amp can operate continuously at 65°C for more than 25 years, thereby serving the entire vehicle lifetime, while Grade-1 devices are specified for eight years without failure. This is ideal for applications such as the battery-management system (BMS) of hybrid and electric vehicles, which is never turned off and must consume the least possible power.

The typical supply current of 1.7µA ensures the TSU111H places minimal load on the vehicle electrical supply. Also, the output voltage is exact to within 250µV at 25°C, and 600µV over the full temperature range, ensuring high-accuracy signal conditioning in all applications and operating conditions. A typical use is to enable precision measurements in the vehicle’s on-board charger (OBC).

The TSU111H is in production now, housed in a SOT23-5L package, priced from $1.29 for orders of 1000 pieces. The device is included in ST’s 10-year longevity program that ensures long-term product availability for automotive and industrial projects. Free samples are available now on the ST eStore.

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