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Siemens extends offer for IoT applications in the energy automation in the power network

European Utility Week, 12th-14th November 2019, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 1, Stand C60
  • New Grid Diagnostic Suite offers unique comprehensive insight
  • Overview of energy automation systems of the whole network
  • Launch of first four grid-relevant applications
  • Increases cost efficiency and increased availability of smart grids
  • Digitization helps increasing complexity in the power grid

Siemens presented at the European Utility Week in Paris his new Grid Diagnostic Suite: A total of four different cloud-based applications can use both capture and newly installed smart devices already in the network data and analyze it in the cloud. For this, virtually no additional engineering effort is necessary. The distribution system operator or the operator of a power grid in an industrial park so quickly gets meaningful information about the state of its network. Thus occurring network faults can be detected early and quickly eliminated, for example. Based on the information gathered weaknesses can be identified and necessary measures are implemented as planned, before damage occurs. In order for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications help the Grid Diagnostic Suite going to increase the availability of electricity grids and simultaneously run it cost-effective.

“With our new IoT based offerings for energy automation, we help our customers with the increasing complexity of the power system to manage and make future challenges fit,” said Robert Klaffus, CEO of the Business Unit Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “In all the data can now be accessed from anywhere via the existing communications channels quickly and easily. In the central MindSphere cloud, the user can then consolidate the data smoothly, visualize and evaluate and, if necessary, react quickly. we pave the way for real smart grids. ”

SIPROTEC and Sicam products and solutions for safety technology, station automation, power quality and measurement are an update of the communication firmware using the standardized protocol OPC UA PubSub (IEC 62541) open with the cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere from Siemens or other cloud platforms connected.
Data transmission meets the most stringent requirements for network security and allows on the basis of certificates a consistent authentication and data encryption. With Sicam Grid Pass Siemens offers a product created where certificates safely and automatically managed.

The Siprotec Dashboard provides data previously difficult to access the Siprotec protection device series quickly and clearly in a map or a diagram on a mobile device is. Network data is the first time in the cloud without additional engineering work is available. An intuitive navigation no additional training is necessary.

Using the Navigator Sicam an extensive monitoring of medium and low voltage networks as well as local network stations is possible. The app provides detailed information about messages, alarms, and specific network parameters. So the performance can be about the power system be transparent, and the operator can estimate where, for example, a new charging point should be established for electric vehicles. Moreover, in case of error and the exact affected network section can be located. For distribution networks with overhead lines Siemens has now developed the cloud-based application Sicam Localizer. Detailed information about the current state of individual network segments such as faults are displayed clear and concise. Individual operating such as phase currents can be displayed. Such a service team, for example, at break of the wood in the forest are just used where the problem occurs and as quickly restore network stability. In order for the Sicam Navigator and Sicam Localizer help reduce power outages, or even prevent, plan service assignments better and to increase the availability of the power supply.

For operators of industrial parks or even data centers, power quality (PQ) for the quality of care is of great importance. The app PQ Advisor Premium can detect power system variables, such as voltage or frequency of the minute gaps and displayed. The collected information is displayed clearly on a dashboard. A traffic-light display indicates violations of tolerance limits, so users at an early stage abnormalities necessary measures can be taken.

In particular, the expansion of electric mobility and the increasing supply of volatile generation capacity provides power grids with new challenges. The cloud-based applications to the Grid Diagnostic Suite will help to ensure that operators of power grids to operate their network or system more cost-effective using the previously unused data.

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