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Sciens Innovations to Showcase SOSA Aligned System in Live Interoperability Demonstration at Upcoming TSOA-ID Event

Company’s helux toolkit integrates multiple vendor products into one functioning system
Key Highlights
  • Exemplifies SOSA principles: modularity, interoperability, rapid technology insertion
  • helux serves as common thread to integrate independent products into one system
  • Software libraries and FPGA modules allow VPX hardware vendors to implement required MORA and VICTORY interfaces
York, Penn., March 2022 – Sciens Innovations, a hardware and software design and development company serving the Intelligence Community, will be holding a live interoperability demo at the upcoming Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration (TSOA-ID) on March 15th in Solomons, MD.
The demo will highlight how the company’s helux Toolkit efficiently MORA-enables VPX hardware, assists with integrating hardware aligned with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Technical Standard 1.0, and expedites SOSA and MORA adoption within the MOSA community.
Travis Doll, Ph.D., President and CEO of Sciens Innovations, noted, “Our goal at TSOA-ID is to show how our toolkit facilitates the entire development and deployment cycle of MORA devices, providing a solution that reduces market entry cost and risk. Our helux product builds upon the inherent interoperability of the SOSA technical standard by providing ease of integration with several products from different manufacturers, establishing the catalyst for future collaboration among industry partners.”
At the demo, the helux MORA Explorer UI deployed on an Abaco Systems SBC3511 single board computer will exercise the MORA interfaces of an Epiq Solutions VPX400 multi-channel, phase-coherent RF transceiver plug-in card (PIC) to configure the receivers. MORA Explorer will ingest the digitized RF streaming over the 40 GbE data plane to generate time and spectrum plots. The entire demonstration is housed in an LCR Embedded Systems DK3 open frame 3U VPX development system.
Sciens Innovations’ helux toolkit facilitates MORA device success by providing a comprehensive solution covering integration and sustainment through product demonstration and long-term support. The toolkit contains software libraries and HDL modules for implementing MORA interfaces on the VICTORY Data Bus (VDB) and MORA Low-Latency Bus (ML2B). Additionally, it includes tools to ease end-user interaction and demonstration of the hardware through MORA Explorer and assists vendors and system integrators with generating MORA Signal Resource Profiles using Sciens’ MSRP Generator UI.
Because it is hardware agnostic, helux works across numerous hardware platforms, often serving as the common thread for future collaborations and engagements by providing essential components for development, such as libraries for software and firmware, the tooling for demonstration, and a support system to maintain product success and compliance with the evolving SOSA and MORA specifications.
For more information, please visit, contact sales at or call (443) 842-6800.
View the news release online:
About Sciens Innovations
Sciens Innovations is a team of highly experienced, diversely trained engineers focused on providing the Intelligence Community with software and hardware engineering development services and products in the areas of DSP, FPGAs, SDRs, and MORA.
Our comprehensive software and firmware products enable hardware vendors, application developers, and system integrators to efficiently and confidently tackle complex problems by providing customized, robust solutions designed to be user-friendly and highly-adaptable to constantly evolving technologies.
Employing a collaborative methodology, Sciens provides solutions at all levels of product development, from proof-of-concept prototypes to highly optimized, platform-specific libraries and integrated hardware/software system solutions through a combination of proprietary and vendor-supplied assets.
Sciens also provides subject-matter expertise to government and commercial contracts covering digital signal processing and algorithm development for cellular, wireless, and SATCOM signals.

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