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Rohde & Schwarz drives safety and security in Urban Air Mobility with partners from the UAM Ingolstadt Network

Rohde & Schwarz hosted partners and guests from the UAM Ingolstadt Initiative at the company headquarters in Munich for the fourth network meeting. The meeting focused on safety and security technologies needed for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and attracted leading industry experts, technology developers, scientific researchers and governmental regulators to discuss the latest developments and future challenges in this fast growing aviation industry.

Munich, August 1, 2019 — With over 150 registered partners from the UAM Ingolstadt Network and additional guests, the event held on July 22, 2019, at the Rohde & Schwarz corporate headquarters in Munich featured a full day of speeches, panel discussions, break-out sessions and workshops. As peak attendance numbers indicate, this event was a success with plenty of dedicated opportunities for networking and industrial collaborations.

The UAM Ingolstadt Initiative, as part of the European Commission’s smart cities and communities program, is a network of industry partners, scientific researchers and regulatory bodies, governmental institutions and the city of Ingolstadt with the goal of promoting electric air mobility for inter-city and city-to-city connections in large and condensed urban areas and future mega-cities. It specifically addresses mobility challenges in fast growing urban environments and promises to provide new means of sustainable transportation for goods and people.

Rohde & Schwarz is part of the UAM Ingolstadt Network and focuses on testing and validating technologies designed to assure safety and security of this future way of transportation. Rohde & Schwarz offers specialized instruments for testing of sensors, on-board communication, flight navigation, electric propulsion and the overall system integration, including electromagnetic compliance (EMC).

Christian Leicher, CEO of Rohde & Schwarz, says: “As a company with a long history of pioneering technical expertise, we are happy to provide a gathering place where ideas are discussed and future projects are planned. Autonomous driving and mobility in the third dimension will allow for seamless transportation in the cities of the future, and those technologies need to perform flawlessly and reliably. Rohde & Schwarz excels at providing innovative test solutions to meet such challenges.”

Tobias Willuhn, Program Manager for Aerospace and Defense at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “We have worked closely with our partners from the UAM Ingolstadt Initiative to make this a leading event for technological discussion, networking and collaboration initiation. All of this with a shared goal of accelerating this new aviation era.”

Dr. Andreas Thellmann, Program Manager for Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, says: “With UAM technologies shaping our future, it is important for the industry to collaborate and exchange ideas, to share their visions, thoughts about potential obstacles and their solutions. These meetings are essential for driving these innovations forward. Rohde & Schwarz was an excellent host for this network meeting, and we look forward to continuing this discussion.”

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