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Newark now stocking largest ever range of power relays, sensors and connectors with Omron expansion

Customers now have access to a more expansive inventory of Omron’s safe and reliable electrical generation, storage, and charging components

Chicago – January 18, 2022: Newark, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, today announced an expansion to its inventory of Omron products. The range now includes a vast array of dependable electromechanical components that ensure the performance, reliability, and safety of electrical equipment.

“Newark is dedicated to offering the widest range of high-performance electrical products to support customers at every step of their design journey,” said Danny Weiss, Product Segment Lead at Newark. “Our expanded inventory of Omron products underscores our commitment to serving customers looking for smart solutions for energy storage, power generation, electric vehicle charging and more.”

Some of the new products now available to Newark customers include:

Jim Neville, Senior Manager of Product Development at Omron Electronic Components, said: “Omron components are ideal for building a more energy-efficient future, from efforts to reduce emissions for commercial buildings, which account for a large amount of energy consumption, to residential households looking to generate power to recharge electrical devices and vehicles. Omron has a variety of relays, switches, sensors and connectors required for modern energy generation, storage and use.”

Newark customers can explore the expanded Omron range here:

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