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Movandi Announces New Features in BeamXR-powered Smart Repeaters to Accelerate mmWave Coverage and Global Expansion

Movandi unveils 5G mmWave breakthroughs, expanded spectrum support, new mesh indoor and outdoor software with cloud intelligence that cut deployment costs by half

IRVINE, Calif., October 25, 2021 – Movandi, a leader in 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) RF technologies and software, today announced new features and capabilities to Movandi BeamXR-powered smart repeaters. The upgrades build upon Movandi’s second generation 5G RF-to-antenna BeamX technology. As the world’s leader in 5G mmWave technology, these new capabilities extend Movandi’s leadership in 5G technology that accelerate and reduce costs of 5G mmWave deployments. For full details on how Movandi is improving both performance and economics for 5G to reach its full potential, download the full whitepaper.

New, upgraded features and capabilities for Movandi BeamXR-powered smart repeaters include expanded mmWave spectrum, sub-6 modules, new mesh indoor and outdoor software and cloud intelligence and outdoor solar powered smart repeater support – a key requirement to reduce 5G deployment costs.

New features and capabilities available within Movandi BeamXR-powered smart repeaters include:

Expanded mmWave frequency support for global expansion

New chipsets include the Movandi MV395x for 39 GHz, MV285x for 28 GHz and MV265x for 24/26 GHz that are commercially available today. The new Movandi MV6055 for 60 GHz is sampling now with production planned for 1H 2022. These are complete chipsets including beamformer, up/down mixer and synthesizer with dual-beam / dual polarization and fast beam switching with on-chip beam books. Operators are enabled to share, repeater boxes in public and private venues due to Movandi multi-band chipsets.

5G mmWave goes green with solar powered BeamXR smart repeaters

Movandi new chipsets are power optimized with sub 20W power consumption, enabling the use of panels to power BeamXR smart repeaters to simplify 5G deployment and permitting. BeamXR solar powered repeaters can be used when there is limited or no electricity on pole.

Improve 5G mmWave indoor coverage with new sub-6 GHz repeater modules

Movandi sub-6 GHz repeater modules include 16 receive antennas and will improve indoor coverage and cut costs. The Movandi new sub-6 GHz repeater modules enable operators to utilize their infrastructure and spectrum assets to expand indoor coverage. Movandi plans to demonstrate sub-6 GHz repeater performance in Q1 2022 and deliver in 2H 2022.

New BeamX smart repeater mesh software for indoor and outdoor

Movandi is collaborating with Airfide Networks on a cloud-enabled repeater mesh. A repeater mesh for outdoor or indoor around a cluster of 5G small cells or gNBs is the most cost-effective method of expanding the mmWave signal coverage while preserving the signal quality and using cloud AI software to dynamically decide the best propagation routes. Movandi-powered repeaters are TDD-aware and up to four repeaters can be cascaded without any degradation of noise floor. A fault-tolerant mesh is demonstrable today on Movandi-powered indoor repeaters.

“Movandi is leading the way in 5G mmWave innovation with new chipsets, software and spectrum support improving both performance and economics for global 5G operators,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and founder of Movandi. “Today’s announcements will accelerate and reduce the costs of global mmWave deployments, and we look forward to working with all key ecosystem players to realize the 5G vision.”

“A critical element for extending coverage both indoor and outdoor is cloud-enabled repeater mesh,” said Venkat Kalkunte, CEO of Airfide Networks. “We were able to successfully demonstrate this when Movandi BeamX cloud software control, machine learning and AI are combined and deliver up to 2.7 Gbps in a moving automobile.” Watch the video demonstration and download the whitepaper to learn more.

These new products features and capabilities are currently available or sampling with customers today. Commercial Movandi-powered smart repeaters are being deployed today by global 5G operators. For technical details please visit the Movandi products.

About Movandi

Movandi is a 5G millimeter-wave solutions company focused on the design and development of deep semiconductor technology powering 5G and beyond, interconnecting our world and enabling AI applications across multiple industries. The company was founded by former Broadcom innovators who are RF and SoC world-recognized pioneers and visionaries, whose innovations have shaped and transformed wireless in the last few decades. Having pioneered wireless RF systems, Movandi is solving real-world 5G millimeter-wave deployments with unmatched differentiation and high-performance core 5G technology in RF, IP and unique engineering methodology that enables service providers and industry partners to launch indoor, outdoor and mobile enhanced 5G millimeter-wave services at 50% lower costs. For more information, go to or follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.

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