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Model Solution to Showcase its Own High-Tech Products at CES 2021

  • To demonstrate its design and technology capabilities at CES 2021
  • To showcase its own products of AR HMD and Personal Mobility

Nashville, Tenn. (January 6, 2021) – Model Solution (CEO: Byungil Woo), a subsidiary of Hankook & Company Co., Ltd., will participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 to be held online from January 11 to 14, 2021.

Model Solution, which makes its debut at CES this year, is a one stop service provider for design, prototypes, quick-turn tooling, injection molding and contract manufacturing since 1993. It was acquired by HANKOOK & COMPANY, the holding company of Hankook Tire & Technology, in 2018. CES is the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow — a definitive proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. For 2021, the event will be held digitally for the first time in history, engaging exhibitors, customers, thought leaders and media from all over the world through online.

At CES 2021, Model Solution will present its new products incorporated with Augmented Reality (AR), key technology powering the fourth industrial revolution. One is a prototype of Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display (AR HMD) code-named ‘MS-AR20’. The MS-AR20 is an AR headset designed specifically for industrial use that eliminates inessential features to focus on key functions and enhance usability and user experience.

A prototype of a premium high-tech e-Scooter featuring AR technology will also be showcased at the event. Under the code name ‘MS-PM20’, this personal mobility vehicle is equipped with 11-inch wide airless tires that not only add a unique look but also promote safe driving. A fingerprint recognition system and dashboard camera mounted on the scooter make it the smartest of its kind. The MS-PM20 is also foldable in standing posture and available in various colors.

In addition to showcasing its new products, Model Solution will introduce an online platform for the recently-opened CMF lab, which was opened in February 2020 to provide industrial design trends and inspiration for product development. CMF stands for Color, Materials and Finish that are known to be three key elements of design.

The online CMF lab collaborates with the world-renowned British design studio ‘Chris Lefteri Design’ that had signed an MOU with Model Solution in 2019 to suggest up-to-date mega trends in the industrial design field. Visitors will be able to learn latest trends, insights and applications which include mood boards, color chips for different themes and material chips reflecting the actual weight and texture.

“Model Solution has been leading technological innovation based on our design and engineering capabilities and leveraging businesses of best-in-class companies around the world,” says CEO Byungil Woo. “We are glad to participate in the CES for the first time and through showcasing our cutting-edge products at the first all-digital CES 2021, we hope to contribute to the advancements of future technologies.”

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