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McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless develop ultra high-speed telemetry for motorsports

  • Two companies targeting new breakthroughs in motorsport connectivity and transformation of fan experience
  • Blu Wireless mmWave technology combined with McLaren Applied’s intelligent motorsport gateway for multi-gigabit connectivity across all race car platforms
  • Tech solution tested in Europe and North America over last 12 months and ready for deployment in motorsport race series

Woking, 13 November 2023 – British engineering and technology pioneer McLaren Applied is partnering with mmWave technology leader Blu Wireless to deliver ultra high-speed telemetry solutions for motorsport applications. Through the collaboration, the two companies are targeting new breakthroughs in connectivity performance in the dynamic motorsport environment, providing a data pipe that can handle all data and video streams from a race car in real-time.

The solution will combine Blu Wireless’ mmWave technology with McLaren Applied’s intelligent motorsport gateway on-car telemetry hardware, with McLaren Applied also providing systems architecture, integration, and support through its deep knowledge of motorsport requirements. The solution includes McLaren Applied’s patented software that ensures stable connectivity for vehicles and transportation moving at high speed. The software aggregates data across multiple networks and is a key enabler in the application of the mmWave technology for multi-gigabit connectivity across all race car platforms.

The technology has been successfully tested over the last 12 months across multiple tests in the UK and North America, including demonstrating multiple HD video links on race cars travelling at speeds above 165mph. The tests run by McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless have proven the technology’s capability, with McLaren Applied’s world class design and systems engineering team currently preparing the system for imminent deployment in racing.

Sam Guest, Head of Motorsport Telemetry, Control & Analytics at McLaren Applied said: “McLaren Applied leverages its 30-plus year heritage in motorsport to enable a more intelligent and connected approach for a wide-range of moving vehicles. We expect this new technology to deliver an even more engaging race experience for motorsports fans, with the potential to incorporate live gaming and other forms of interaction.

Mark Halliday, Head of Product and Programmes, Connected Intelligence added: “The new collaboration with Blu Wireless is aimed at bringing a step change in connectivity in the harshest of race environments by offering new levels of speed and stability to inform race-winning strategies”.

Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer at Blu Wireless said: “We are excited to apply our cutting edge mmWave technology to the challenging world of motorsports. The application we’ve developed with our partner McLaren Applied is a perfect fit for the types of environments and high speeds within which the race cars are performing. Our robust, gigabit connectivity and tailored system is certain to deliver real-time, almost life-like experience and will enhance the nail biting excitement of motorsport for viewers.”




About McLaren Applied:

More than three decades in F1 and other cutting-edge global motorsport have given McLaren Applied world-leading expertise in electrification, connectivity, control and sensing. This expertise is also applied to automotive, transport and mining sectors, delivering technologies at scale with a performance advantage. Now an independent company, its peoples’ expertise, coupled with its technology and agility, is pioneering a more sustainable, intelligent and connected future. Learn more at


About Blu Wireless

Blu Wireless is disrupting the market with 5G mmWave wireless system solutions that are driving technological change to meet global connectivity needs, both now and in the future. Trusted partners of the world’s biggest names in telecoms, Blu Wireless works together with its customers to provide complete design, testing, and validation, serving emerging markets in Mobility, 5G Backhaul, Defence and Public Safety and Smart Cities.

The company has an experienced leadership team led by CEO Alan Jones. Alan was formerly CEO of both VeeaSystems and Virtuosys and a co-founder of IPWireless. Principally based in Bristol with over 80+ staff, Blu Wireless has assembled a world class engineering team.


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