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Low profile, 3-phase 5kW AC-DC power supply modules deliver compact design and easy integration

September 29, 2020 – XP Power has announced the addition of a low-profile enclosure to their HPT5K0 series of high-power density, high efficiency, 5kW AC-DC power supply modules. In common with the existing products in the range, the new HPT5K0-L units feature a three-phase, three-wire & earth, 180 to 528VAC input and they carry ITE/industrial and medical agency approvals.

The new ‘-L’ designated units are supplied in a chassis mount package with a height of just 63mm (2.5”) and a footprint of 254mm x 336mm (10” x 13.25”). With 5kW of power available and efficiencies up to 94%, the units offer excellent power density in a low-profile form-factor.

The flexibility inherent in the HPT5K0-L units and the considered positioning of the input and output connections as well as signal terminals allows them to be easily combined in series or parallel. Thus, the HPT5K0-L units are a cost-effective building block for developing high power systems to 25kW & beyond with output voltages from 60VDC to 400VDC.

Adjustments to the output voltage (0-105%) and output current (0-110%) are made simple by the provision of analog and digital control interfaces. Additionally, a graphical user interface (GUI) supports system development as well as allowing the definition of unique user profiles. As a result, the units can be rapidly configured to suit a multitude of end applications without any hardware adjustment. This, along with the ability to use the same base unit for multiple applications, reduces cost in manufacturing through saved time and economies of scale.

There are three models in the range offering output voltages of 60VDC, 100VDC and 200VDC with a universal input range of 180-264VAC for up to 3kW and 342-528VAC for outputs up to 5kW. The units feature very fast output slew rates of <40ms, making them well-suited to challenging test applications. A thermally controlled fan keeps the units cool with minimal audible noise.

The HPT series supports I²C, RS232 & RS485 serial buses across multiple digital protocols including PMBus, CANopen, MODBUS and SCPI, offering flexibility to designers.

Multiple applications including industrial electronics, technology, semiconductor fabrication and medical as well as high power LED usage for UV curing & heating, burn in equipment, lasers, motor controllers, industrial printing (2D & 3D), electric vehicle charging, test and measurement equipment, battery simulation and medical imaging devices will benefit from the HPT5K0-L units.

In order to support these applications, the power supplies are approved to a wide range of international safety standards including UL/EN/IEC60601 & UL/EN/IEC62368. Additionally, the HPT5K0-L units are qualified for EMC immunity in harsh electrical environments and emissions are EN55011/EN55032 Class B for conducted and Class A for radiated, ensuring reliable operation and ease of integration as well as speeding up the process of obtaining system level approvals.

For flexibility across multiple applications, ordering the product without the -L suffix will provide the same power solution in a 127mm x 127mm x 330mm (5 x 5 x 13”) package.

The HPT5K0-L series is priced at $1254.00 for 100+ pcs orders and is available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark or direct from XP Power and offers a 3-year warranty.

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