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Innovative 5G mmWave Test Systems See Broad Industry Adoption

Irvine, Calif. – April 27, 2021 – Marvin Test Solutions, Inc., a trusted provider of globally-deployed innovative test solutions for military, aerospace, and manufacturing organizations announced that its TS-900e-5G production test system for 5G mmWave semiconductor devices is now in use by multiple leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Rapid industry adoption signals the significance of these test solutions, enabling manufacturers to meet high-throughput production demands for mmWave semiconductor devices.  Part of Marvin Test Solutions’ GENASYS Semi suite of flexible, configurable, semiconductor test solutions, the TS-900e-5G is ideal for both wafer probing and package test with support for most popular production automation and handling tools.

GENASYS Semi 5G mmWave solutions deliver the most accurate and repeatable production VNA / S-parameter measurements in the industry.  The system can support up to 20 independent VNA ports of 44 GHz signal delivery to the device under test (DUT), meeting the throughput requirements demanded by OSAT production.  Additionally, the modular architecture of the test system is well suited to address the evolving needs of mmWave test, with expanded performance to 53 GHz scheduled for late Q2.

“We are excited to be enabling the continued development and implementation of next generation 5G mmWave devices with the comprehensive test capabilities of the TS-900e-5G,” said Major General Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), CEO of Marvin Test Solutions. “Our customers value the system’s exceptional measurement performance and repeatability, coupled with the fastest test times in the industry, as they transition their devices to the production environment.”

The TS-900e-5G core system includes Keysight’s high-throughput VNAs and ATEasy®, MTS’s comprehensive suite of software tools that allows users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications as well as ICEasy, which facilitates device test development and characterization. The TS-900e-5G core system also includes high-performance dynamic digital I/O with per-pin PMU to support SPI/I2C device communications and DC parametric testing.

System details including specifications are available at:

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