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High Current and Cabling System from Amphenol Now Offers a Non-EMI Straight Plug Version

SurLok Plus 3.6mm 1500VDC and 5.7 and 8.0mm inline 1000VDC used to meet energy storage requirements and high-power connections and transfers
Technical Specifications
  • Single pole connector
  • 3.6mm 1500VDC non-EMI right angle plug version
  • 5.7 and 8.0mm inline 1000VDC for wire to wire connection
  • 3.6mm 1500VDC for high voltage application
  • High voltage applications up to 1500V
  • 3.6mm rated to 70A, 5.7mm rated to 120A, 8.0mm rated to 200A
  • Features RADSOK technology
  • Quick lock and release design
Endicott, N.Y. November 2021 – Amphenol Industrial Operations (AIO), continues to expand its SurLok Plus series and cabling system to fulfill the increasing demand for higher voltage interconnections within the energy storage, electric vehicle and battery charging markets. The 3.6mm SurLok Plus right angle connector, in 1500VDC voltage range, is an industry-leading product for 70A application power connections for battery and related control box applications. In order to meet 1000VDC voltage range application requirements, AIO added 5.7 and 8.0mm inline type connectors. These connectors feature a quick connect and locking system design that is ideal for power system connection applications.
Used to meet energy storage requirements
SurLok Plus is a single pole connector that can be used to meet energy storage requirements for high power connections and transfers. EMI shielding function is available for high voltage and current connections in the 1000V, 8.0mm size.
In addition to being ideal for use in energy storage, this new compact connector can also be used in electric vehicles, hybrid electric and/or EV within the heavy equipment market. Surlok Plus 3.6mm right angle 1500VDC and 5.7 and 8.0mm inline 1000VDC are reliable alternatives to common compression lugs.
Easy to mate and unmate
These robust, cost-effective connectors are easy to mate and unmate, featuring a keyway design to prevent incorrect mating. The Surlok Plus 3.6mm is rated 70A, while the 5.7mm and 8.0mm inline are rated to 120A, and 200A respectively.
The SurLok Plus offers a flexible, quick lock and press-to-release design to accommodate various dimensional constraints. The R4 RADSOK connector significantly increases amperage, while reducing insertion force, temperature rise and voltage drop. The Surlok Plus 3.6mm 1500VDC conforms to UL4128, while the 5.7mm and 8.0mm inline 1000VDC conforms to UL1977; a standard set for safety component connectors for use in data, signal, control and power applications.

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