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DATA MODUL presents high-performance SMARC carrier board for Intel’s latest Atom processor platforms

Munich, 12th November 2020

DATA MODUL is expanding its carrier board portfolio in the embedded sector, bringing a universally applicable carrier board onto the market in the form of the eDM-CB-SM-IPCS. The new board is compatible with Intel’s latest Atom® x6000E, Celeron® and Pentium® (“Elkhart Lake”) processor platforms, as well as with future x86 generations and ARM platforms. Furthermore, the embedded motherboard offers a high degree of scalability and flexibility suitable for a wide range of applications owing to its SMARC standards.

The eDM-CB-SM-IPCS appears in the thin mini-ITX format and as a modular platform, offers an ideal starting point for customer-specific designs. It is easy to add or remove features, which can reduce the time to market and decrease the cost of the customer application.

A noteworthy feature is the V-by-One interface to operate high-resolution V-by-One displays with up to 4k resolution. The board can supply all displays with up to 60 watts via this interface and the backlight with up to 144 watts using a separate connector. Hence, large format and high-resolution HMI systems can be driven directly by this motherboard. In addition, displays with standard interfaces like DisplayPort or LVDS can also be connected. As another highlight, the carrier board has a USB-C port, which supplies external systems with up to 100 watts and supports DisplayPort including USB 3.1.

Further noticeable attributes include two GbE, three M.2 slots of types A, B and M, four USB 3.0 and SATA 3 for external hard drives or SSDs. With the help of DATA MODUL’s Feature-Connector, the functionality of the eDM-CB-SM-IPCS can be further expanded.

“Thanks to its specification expansion, SMARC 2.1 is the optimal standard for future COM applications”, explains Richard Pinnow, Head of Product Management for Embedded Solutions at DATA MODUL. “To this end, DATA MODUL will in future offer embedded solutions based on the new standard – and with our new carrier board, we are now introducing the first compatible product of this new generation.”

In addition to the new carrier board, DATA MODUL has announced the launch of the eDM-SMX-EL, an in-house 2.1 SMARC module with newest low-power Intel Atom® x6000E processors. Outstanding features include its memory of up to 16 GB LPDDR4X, two USB 3.1 interfaces and an onboard UFS 2.1 flash memory, which offers faster data transfer and greater storage capacity in comparison to the eMMC 5.1. Thanks to its small size and high performance, the new module is ideally suited for the IoT and multimedia platforms, as well as for real-time applications that require a low profile. Moreover, due to its extremely long operational lifetime of 10 years, even with 24/7 continuous operation, a very low maintenance cost is incurred.

The first samples of the eDM-CB-SM-IPCS will be available at the end of November. Further information is available here.


DATA MODUL AG is one of the world’s leading specialist providers of display, touch, embedded, monitor and panel PC solutions. Since it was established in 1972, it has consistently pursued the objective of providing its customers with state-of-the-art, tailor-made and individually customised complete solutions for display technologies.

Many years of experience in the field of display, touch, embedded and system technologies enable the company to produce customer-specific value-added services for a variety of industries at its 45,000 m2 production and logistics facilities. The extensive distribution portfolio of displays, touchscreens and embedded solutions and the increasingly innovative in-house developments complete the unique modular product portfolio.

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