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Concurrent Technologies announces a rugged 3U VPX™ board with 40G Ethernet support

Concurrent Technologies announces a rugged 3U VPX™ board for compute intensive applications that has been developed to align with a new OpenVPX profile based on feedback from the SOSA™ Consortium. TR H4x/3sd-RCx is the first processor board from Concurrent Technologies with a 40G Ethernet data plane connection, providing a significant interconnect performance boost. It has a front panel graphics and USB connection for ease of setup and operates from a single +12V power rail to simplify the creation of system level solutions.

By default, TR H4x/3sd-RCx is fitted with a 12-core Intel® Xeon® processor D-1559 and 64GB of soldered down DDR4 memory making it suitable for workload consolidation tasks in highly challenging environments. Thermal qualification is scheduled for Q2 to confirm that the processor device can be operated at 100% loading, maximizing performance within a single slot like the company’s previous generation TR G4x/3sd-RCx.

Concurrent Technologies is offering variants fitted with either 512GB or 1TB of direct-attached FIPS-197 encrypted storage. This is achieved using an M.2 module carrier while maintaining a single slot solution. These M.2 modules are supplied factory-fitted for ease of use and further storage options are planned for later in 2019. Concurrent Technologies offers several security options including TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, Sanitization Utilities and a bespoke enhanced security package for specific customer needs.

Jane Annear, Commercial Director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “We are ramping up our efforts to provide innovative solutions to meet the expectations of key users and partners. In this case we’re providing one of the first 3U VPX processor boards with 40G Ethernet connectivity that aligns with new profile requirements from the standards community augmented with a range of appropriate security and storage features.”

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