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Chooch AI Integrates Synthetic Data Generation to Radically Accelerate Computer Vision Deployment

Frictionless AI training tool turns CAD files and 2D images into thousands of annotated images in minutes for high accuracy computer vision

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chooch AI, the leading computer vision AI platform, today announced artificial intelligence modelling using synthetic data generation. Chooch generates synthetic data based both on CAD files and 2D images, and creates thousands of variations on annotated objects in images, changing angles, backgrounds, and obstructed views. With AI-augmented computer training, Chooch AI can create datasets and high accuracy AI models in minutes even with a limited number of images.

Watch the presentation and learn more about synthetic and augmented data here.

“Our partners and customers wanted frictionless deployment from our computer vision platform. Now, Chooch Al can rapidly generate data and AI models in hours with synthetic data,” commented Chooch CEO and co-founder Emrah Gultekin. “Chooch can detect objects, actions, processes, coordinates, states, and we are proud to say Chooch both saves lives and increases efficiency.”

Chooch AI is a complete computer vision training and deployment platform that provides services across a wide variety of industries. Chooch AI is being used at scale for enterprise applications including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail. Chooch end-to-end Computer Vision provides AI as an easy-to-install download that automatically connects to local video feeds and begins performing computer vision tasks in minutes, on the edge and in the cloud.

Frequently requested Al models are ready to deploy now from the Chooch AI dashboard. These include common visual detection tasks such as safety equipment compliance, smoke and fire, fall detection, license plate readers. Synthetic data generation creating thousands of images and new AI-model training can often be executed in one day. Organizations have the choice to deploy in the cloud, onto edge devices, near-edge, or laptops laptops desktops.

Applications and Industries include:

  • Smart city: fall, fire and weapons detection
  • Workplace Safety: PPE detection and proximity alerts
  • Defect detection: manufacturing, infrastructure flaws
  • Healthcare: cell counting, imaging analysis, smart ORs

Chooch AI models are ready to deploy now both in the cloud and on edge devices. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and the US Government. Partners include NVIDIA, Intel, Dell, Deloitte, Convergint and Vantiq.

About Chooch.AI
Chooch AI is the horizontal visual Al platform that replicates human visual tasks and processes by generating fast, accurate computer vision AI across a wide variety of industries. Chooch proprietary technology has been deployed at scale for industries including geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail and the US government.

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