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BittWare and Nallatech Join Forces as Part of Molex Establishing a Leadership Position in the FPGA Acceleration Market

Nallatech and BittWare FPGA accelerator products for compute, network and storage applications will now be marketed under the BittWare brand

Dallas, TX – November 12th, 2018 – BittWare, a Molex company, will showcase market-leading FPGA products for compute, network and storage applications at the Supercomputing 2018 (SC18) Conference and Exhibition, November 12-15 in Dallas, Texas. Customers are invited to booths 226 and 3941 to see the Intel- and Xilinx-based FPGA products in action and have questions answered by industry experts.

Molex acquired BittWare and Nallatech as an important part of its vision to provide customers with innovative electronic solutions. BittWare and Nallatech are both known within the industry for their wide breadth of in-house FPGA board, subsystem and software expertise. Going forward under BittWare, a Molex company, the companies are unrivaled in the fast-growing FPGA acceleration market where Intel and Xilinx programmable devices are now essential for accelerating compute-intensive or latency-critical workloads, such as machine learning inference or real-time data analytics. The expertise Molex provides in high-speed datacom products and its global resources will help BittWare provide greater value to the FPGA industry.

“Over the last twenty-plus years we had come to respect Nallatech as a tough competitor who kept us on our toes,” said Jeff Milrod, president of BittWare. “To now be part of the same company, leading the market for FPGA acceleration is a genuine thrill and something that the whole organization is excited about. With our skilled staff of FPGA veterans, unmatched product range and the enthusiastic support of Molex, we are well positioned to drive market growth.”

“As FPGA-based computing transitions from a niche technology to a dynamic growth market, it’s important that there is a supplier with the critical mass to enable adoption,” said Craig Petrie, vice president of marketing at BittWare. “Large enterprise customers have higher expectations for product qualification, validation and support compared to innovators and early adopters. BittWare is now a market leader—and growing quickly! The BittWare team is a talented group with a three-decade track record of success and a culture that is synergistic with Nallatech and Molex.”

BittWare’s broad range of compute-focused accelerators now includes HBM2-enabled FPGA devices from both Intel and Xilinx. This new class of product helps customers accelerate memory-bound applications which are constrained by conventional discrete memory implementations. Customers can program applications using traditional HDL or higher abstraction C, C++ and OpenCL-based tool flows. Each BittWare FPGA accelerator features a Board Management Controller (BMC) for advanced system monitoring and control, which greatly simplifies platform integration and management. 

BittWare’s portfolio of market-leading network accelerators featuring Intel Stratix 10 and Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs deliver extreme performance, high bandwidth and reduced latency for applications such as high-frequency trading, real-time network monitoring       and video broadcast. Both NIC- and GPU-size PCIe boards provide sophisticated clocking and timing options, plus multiple network ports supporting line rates of up to 100 Gbps. Customers can create their own customized applications or deploy as pre-programmed “smart NICs” supporting DPDK for standards-based host interaction.

The 250 Series of NVMe storage acceleration solutions leverage advanced features of Xilinx’s UltraScale+ FPGA and MPSoC devices. Products adhere to PCIe and U.2 form factors allowing them to be easily integrated into existing data center infrastructure. Customers can accelerate common storage functions such as erasure coding, deduplication, encryption and compression or develop workload-specific applications using a programmable framework. 

About BittWare

For three decades BittWare, a Molex company has designed and deployed high-performance compute, network and storage acceleration solutions that significantly reduce technology risk and time-to-revenue. Customers range from those developing solutions on BittWare hardware to ODM/OEM clients utilizing the company’s design and manufacturing services for production deployment of integrated systems. 

About Molex

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

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