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Avnet’s Express Connect Tool Reduces Hardware Development Time for IoT Proof of Concept Applications from Weeks to Hours

PHOENIX—May 3, 2021 — Avnet’s (Nasdaq: AVT) new Avnet Express Connect tool provides developers and non-programmers alike with the ability to deploy combinations of connected IoT solutions. This effort, by the leading global technology solutions provider, further expands Avnet’s IoTConnect platform, which is specifically designed to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs for IoT developers and customers.

“Avnet is addressing the most significant problems customers face when considering IoT projects:  complexity, scalability, security, and high deployment costs,” said Lou Lutostanski, VP of IoT, Avnet. “By enabling a low code-no code drag and drop connection from an initial library of over 400 preconnected sensors and devices, Avnet Express Connect significantly reduces hardware proof-of-concept (POC) development from weeks to hours without the need for programmers.”

Avnet’s Express Connect tool enables the creation and evaluation of IoT-based designs. It provides developers and customers the ability to deploy combinations of IoT solutions at the edge while seamlessly linking this data to cloud dashboards and SaaS applications. A cloud-based tool, Express Connect contains a library of hundreds, expanding to thousands of industrial IoT sensors, interface boards and gateways that can be linked together in endless combinations all via a drag-and-drop design environment. Once the design is created, the platform generates all the underlying code, which is remotely deployed to any Avnet Express Connect Gateway globally within seconds.

Avnet’s Express Connect Tool supports sensors ranging from simple temperature and humidity to much more specialized sensors.  Key suppliers supported include Omega, TE, Amphenol, Advantech, and others.  The list of supported devices, sensors, and suppliers is growing every day with a path to include more than 900 supported sensors and devices by July 2021.

Avnet manages and secures the IoT-based designs created in Express Connect through the IoTConnect platform built on Microsoft Azure.  Solution developers and OEMs can create cloud-based applications that communicate with the Avnet IoTConnect API with ease, avoiding the complexity of sensor interfaces, protocols, security and device management. Connected suppliers can expand their market presence with preconnected devices that accelerate customer adoption and reach.

Avnet’s IoTConnect Solutions Hub has an extensive library of supported devices, sensors, and solution accelerators available in Express Connect.  For a list of the preconnected devices visit

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