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ADLINK releases Intel® Core™ Ultra-powered COM Express Module with integrated CPU+GPU+NPU providing up to 50% in power saving

Introducing Intel modular architecture, cExpress-MTL significantly simplifies designs/development for battery-powered, performance-demanding edge applications


  1. Integrating up to 8 Xe-cores (128 EUs), an NPU, and 14 CPU cores (6P+8E) at 28W TDP, the Intel Core Ultra-powered COM Express module — cExpress-MTL — offers 1.9x the GPU performance than previous generation and dedicated AI acceleration with lowered power consumption.
  2. Utilizing Low Power E cores in Intel modular architecture, Intel® Core Ultra™ exhibits to be 30-50% more power efficient than 13th Gen Intel Core processors.
  3. Along with hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding/decoding, the ADLINK cExpress-MTL module harnesses graphics and AI prowess without connecting to external components, effectively simplifying your graphics- and AI-requiring solution designs for applications such as portable medical ultrasound devices, industrial automation, autonomous driving, AI robots, and more.

Taipei, Taiwan – December 14, 2023

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, announces the launch of its cExpress-MTL, a Compact size COM Express Type 6 module powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra processor. Featuring Intel modular architecture that integrates CPU, GPU, and NPU all-in-one for optimized performance and efficiency, the module provides up to 8 GPU Xe-cores (128 EUs), an NPU (11pTOPS/8.2eTOPS), and 14 CPU cores at 28W TDP.

“As demands for varying workloads continue to grow in battery-powered edge applications, which cannot solely rely on the CPU alone, we are excited to showcase our Intel Core Ultra-powered COM Express, “ said Dylan Cheng, Senior Product Manager at ADLINK COM. “By integrating a GPU with 1.9x higher performance than prior generation and an NPU for dedicated AI acceleration on top of its powerful CPU, the featured processor in our cExpress-MTL offers proficient graphics and AI capabilities without needing to connect to additional processing units. This substantially simplifies your solution designs, translating to accelerated time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.”

Centered on using the Lower Power E core to handle light workloads, the Intel Core Ultra processor can be 30-50% more power efficient than 13th Gen Intel Core, thus able to provide superior performance even in a compact, battery-powered design.

Equipped with hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding and decoding functionality, the ADLINK cExpress-MTL module can also realize instantaneous media streaming with minimal latency. Along with all PCIe interface upgraded to Gen4 for enhanced data transmission and USB4 support for increased flexibility, the ADLINK cExpress-MTL module empowers developers to achieve various graphics- and AI-requiring, battery-powered applications, such as portable medical ultrasound, industrial automation, autonomous driving, AI robots, and more.


COM Express Compact size Type 6 Module with Intel® Core™ Ultra processors

  • New integrated NPU for dedicated AI acceleration
  • All PCIe signal upgraded to Gen4
  • 2.5GbE Ethernet, with optional TSN
  • SoC power reduction
  • 2x USB4 support (option)

ADLINK is also working to provide I-Pi development kits based on the cExpress-MTL module for out-of-the-box-ready prototyping and referencing.

For more information about the ADLINK cExpress-MTL module, please follow the following link here at adlinktech.comcExpress-MTL (COM-Express Compact size Type 6 module)

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