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ACS Motion Control Releases SPiiPlusCMxa EtherCAT® Motion Controller to Maximize Motion System Accuracy

ACS Motion Control has released its SPiiPlusCMxa, the latest product in its SPiiPlus series of EtherCAT®-based master motion controllers. Suitable for applications with micron to nanometer resolutions and demanding velocity control requirements, this device includes up to three integrated motor drives that leverage powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance. It is also configurable to control up to 64 axes.

The CMxa integrates universal motor and encoder technology, enabling system designers to control any type of motor or stage. Its fixed servo sampling and update rate provides the tightly synchronized, real-time control required for sophisticated multi-axis machine designs.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for SPiiPlusCMba and SPiiPlusCMhp motion controllers, the CMxa is supported by ACS Motion Control’s SPiiPlus ADK Suite, which contains many advanced servo tuning and application development tools. Common applications include metrology, inspection, alignment, laser micromachining and other industrial applications.

Notable product features include:
-Advanced PIV cascaded control loop.
-Cascaded dual loop control.
-Disturbance rejection control.
-STO and SS1 safety functionalities.
-Dimensions: 324 x 249 x 120 millimeters.
-Gantry multi-input multi-output (MIMO) control.
-Fixed servo sampling and update rate: 20 kilohertz.
-EtherCAT maximum configurable cycle rate: 5 kilohertz.
-SinCos and analog input resolution: 12 or 16 bits.
-Configurable drive current output: 5/10, 10/20 or 15/30 amps.

Optional features include ACS Motion Control’s ServoBoost control algorithm for dynamic disturbance compensation, MotionBoost algorithm for minimizing motion induced vibration and LearningBoost algorithm for minimizing cyclic motion error.

ACS Motion Control has released the CMxa in tandem with the UDMxa. The UDMxa is a slave EtherCAT drive and drop-in replacement for existing UDMba and UDMhp product users. It features the same motor drive specifications as the CMxa.

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About ACS Motion Control
ACS Motion Control delivers EtherCAT® network-based motion controller and drive solutions to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine builders serving semiconductor, laser processing, flat panel display, 3D printing, electronic assembly and life science applications. ACS Motion Control solutions increase positioning accuracy and throughput and reduce machine design time by leveraging best-in-class software development tools and servo control algorithms. Headquartered in Israel, ACS Motion Control has been a proud member of The PI Group since 2017.

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