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Express Logic Develops X-Ware Platform™ to Fast-Track ARM-Based IoT Development

ARM TechCon 2014, Santa Clara, CA, October 1, 2014Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes), has launched X-Ware Platform™, target-specific, integrated development software that delivers all X-Ware components (ThreadX®, NetX™, USBX™, FileX®, GUIX™, and TraceX®) pre-ported and fully integrated for use on specific development boards. Recognizing ARM’s market leadership in the IoT space, Express Logic has tailored its initial X-Ware Platform offerings to the ARM developer community. By integrating its high-quality, widely respected ThreadX RTOS and middleware components for use on specific targets, Express Logic’s X-Ware Platform simplifies and accelerates IoT development for products aimed at markets such as home automation, smart metering, industrial control, medical devices, and more.X-Ware Platform Includes Everything Needed for IoT Development

IoT-targeted products typically require an RTOS, network connectivity, graphics displays, a file system, and sometimes USB or other middleware components. Express Logic’s X-Ware Platform delivers all the software needed by these products in a fully integrated, ready-to-use form. Much more than just an RTOS kernel, X-Ware Platform also featuresIPv4/IPv6 TCP/IPUSB host/deviceGUI, and file system software libraries, including device drivers, readily accessible from applications via a simple, intuitive API. Customers simply choose the X-Ware Platform combination of RTOS and middleware most suited for their particular application. 

“With more than two billion deployments over the last 17 years, Express Logic has provided a solid foundation for many developers bringing ARM-based systems to market,” said Richard York, vice president, embedded marketing, ARM. “Extending the ThreadX RTOS with proven middleware tools into the X-Ware Platform™ promises time-to-market benefits for those focused on real-time industrial and embedded applications.”

X-Ware Platform is designed to work with IAR’s Embedded Workbench IDE on leading ARM-based MPU/MCU development boards, such as the Renesas Cortex-A9, RZ/A1-based RSK. X-Ware Platform deliver all of the software technologies required to create real-time, networked, connected, HMI-driven products—all integrated and optimized for high performance—so that developers can focus on their domain expertise. 

“Renesas and Express Logic have enjoyed a successful partnership working with our RZ/A1 MPU to create solutions that make it easy for customers to get up and running quickly and create richly featured systems for HMI and other connected applications.” says Ritesh Tyagi, vice president of Marketing at Renesas Electronics America.  “Together, we have developed numerous example projects showcasing the many facets and interoperability of the X-Ware Platform including the highly optimized ThreadX RTOS plus their TCP/IP stack which supports IPv6, graphics library, and file system. And, with the Renesas RZ Express promotion offered in partnership with Express Logic, RZ/A1 MPU customers have the opportunity to receive Express Logic’s valuable X-Ware Platform at no cost.”

By custom-constructing each X-Ware Platform for specific development boards, Express Logic saves OEMs the engineering development time needed to produce fully supportable, fully integrated, easy-to-use IoT systems. Express Logic’s board-specific X-Ware Platform includes support for peripherals such as LCD touchscreens, Ethernet MAC, USB host or device controllers, and SD card media. All are supported with integrated stacks and drivers, ready to use out of the box.

Thanks to IAR Embedded Workbench integration, X-Ware Platform benefits fromRTOS-aware debugging support and fully configured project structure, eliminating the need for developers to adapt software from one tool to another. X-Ware Platform enables rapid prototyping, speeding internal review and customer sampling. By minimizing integration and porting, X-Ware Platform shortens time to market and reduces risk. 

“Without this kind of integrated platform, developers are slowed down by component selections, driver development, product integration, optimization, never mind the challenge of dealing with multivendor support,” noted William E. Lamie, president of Express Logic. “Our goal with X-Ware Platform is to eliminate all of that. We knit the entire RTOS, middleware, and IDE solution together in a board-specific reference platform right down to optimized drivers. X-Ware Platform accelerates time to market, and developers can focus on their proprietary product attributes and not waste time reinventing the wheel.”

X-Ware Platform Kickstarts Development with Board-Specific Demos

Fifteen reference projects, provided for evaluation and product development, illustrate the use of each product individually, as well as in combination, to ensure that IoT developers have a head start on incorporating features such as a graphical user interface with high-speed networking, USB, and file management within a real-time system. These reference projects include:

  • ThreadX RTOS Demo
  • TraceX Demo
  • IPv4 Ping Demo
  • NetX IPv4 Iperf TCP/UDP Demo
  • IPv6 Ping Demo
  • NetX Duo IPv6 Iperf TCP/UDP Demo
  • USBX Host Mass Storage Demo
  • USBX Device Mass Storage Demo
  • USBX Device CDC/ACM
  • FileX RAM-disk Demo
  • FileX SD Card Demo
  • GUIX Thermometer Demo
  • GUIX Medical Demo
  • GUIX Weather Demo
  • Multifunction Medical Demo (combining all technologies)

All fifteen projects include full application source code, and can be used with licensed full source code X-Ware products or with pre-built binary X-Ware libraries free of charge. The multifunction reference project uses all X-Ware technologies in a single application, providing a multifaceted example for developers to use in building their product applications. Developers can start working on their applications immediately, rather than spending time on configuration, porting, and integration before meaningful work can even begin.

Price And Availability

X-Ware Platform is licensed at prices starting at $12,500 with no per-unit royalties. Pre-license evaluation is easy and free. Reference projects can be downloaded and run on a developer’s hardware of choice, free of charge. Full source evaluation licenses are available free of charge from Express Logic. Please consult Express Logic for further information.

About Express Logic

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic offers the most advanced run-time solution for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX® RTOS, the high-performance NetX™ TCP/IP stack, the FileX® embedded FAT-compatible file system, the USBX™ Host/Device USB protocol stack, and the GUIX™ graphical user interface development toolkit. Most products from Express Logic include full source code and all have no run-time royalties. For more information about Express Logic solutions, please visit the Web site at, call 1-858-613-6640, or e-mail inquiries to

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