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Davra Networks Introduces End-to-End Platform for IoT Offering Breakthrough Capabilities

Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 17, 2014 – In the midst of massive industry focus on the emerging and revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M market, Davra Networks ( has come out of stealth mode to launch an end-to-end platform offering new capabilities for system integrators and network VARs wishing to quickly and easily provide a wide range of useful solutions for this burgeoning market. With its RuBAN™ platform, Davra Networks covers everything from utilizing ‘fog computing’ to collect data from sensors to presenting it as usable business intelligence on the desktop. In Davra’s approach, data is gathered, filtered and managed near its source, sent to the cloud, then turned into insightful business intelligence. In addition, the RuBAN platform is the only product presenting this data in an easy-to-use, intuitive way and solutions require no customization. The platform is also unique in that it handles automated network troubleshooting, response and problem repair remotely.

“Our customers are using the RuBAN platform to turn IoT raw data into usable everyday solutions that are as visual and easy to use as your smartphone,” said Davra Networks CEO Paul Glynn.  “We work with our partners to do all the heavy lifting and installing of Cisco® IoS Integrated Services routers and sensors on location, then we manage information coming from the IoT environment as well as information from the network itself. We make sure to bring only the relevant raw data back to the customer cloud by utilizing fog computing.  Our flexible solution can be used as easily in vehicle tracking or water meter usage as it can in smart cities and farms.”

Although Davra Networks and its product are just now being announced, the company’s seasoned founders have already established key relationships. For example, Davra’s product may already be embedded within Cisco’s IoT platforms and is a part of their global dCloud demonstration system. See video:

The RuBAN platform allows companies to translate raw network and sensor data into an easily accessible open format that can be analyzed and presented to their own highly visual GUI or fed to third-party app developers and data consumption tools such as ERP systems, CRM and predictive analytics tools. The plug-and-play platform needs no customization nor is extensive end-user training required for the final applications.

While countless new and existing vendors are moving into the IoT market, no current application enablement platforms offer as much as RuBAN usually being incomplete, difficult to use, focused on specific markets or needing time-gobbling customization. However, Davra Networks’ customers such as City of Toronto, University of Alabama, SoftChoice, Vodafone and BT have used the company’s turnkey approach to quickly begin gathering and using data to improve their operations. For example, using this technology on buses allows important information like the number of passengers, bus speed, engine status and more to be sent to the cloud in real time for potential action.

Davra Networks’ RuBAN platform is available immediately from its global channel partners.

About Davra Networks

Davra Networks provides an end-to-end solution for gathering large volumes of data in virtually any Internet of Things (IoT) environment, intelligently managing data using ‘Fog’ Compute power and turning it into intuitive, visual business solutions.  Among the many special capabilities of Davra Network’s RuBAN platform is its turnkey approach, plug-and-play functionality, easy-to-use interface and remote network troubleshooting and repair functionalities.  This platform is aimed at network VARS and system integrators who build services on the RuBAN platform and thus evolve their business to capitalize on the huge potential of the IoT market. Davra Networks has offices in California and New Jersey as well as in Ireland, UK, Germany and Australia.  For more information, visit:

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