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Vivid Engineering releases Symica EDA tool suite

San Jose, California – April 25, 2011 – Vivid Engineering, Inc., a design and product-development group providing state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal IC designs and design services, today announced the release of the Symica EDA toolkit.

Symica is a suite of tools that offers an affordable mixed-signal design flow including schematic capture, circuit simulation, waveform probing, physical layout, and easy accommodation of different Process Development Kits (PDKs). Symica offers an attractive solution for startups, mid-size design teams and independent designers.

Symica Design Environment integrates a collection of tools for circuit design and simulation — a library manager, schematic editor, symbol editor, hierarchy editor, simulation environment, input/output translators, etc. – and allows the user to manage the operation of the various components. The design environment also facilitates the preparation and execution of simulations and the inspection and interpretation of simulation results. 

Symica Schematic Editor  offers a friendly and intuitive user interface with a full set of features that allows for efficient entry of schematics and easily handles complex mixed-mode and multi-voltage projects. It offers a commonly used design structure organized around libraries, cells and cell views, mixed-mode design with multiple views (schematic, symbol, config, functional VHDL, Verilog-A, SPICE-netlist), creation of parametric cells, hierarchical navigation, global nets, buses and bundles support, design and electrical rules check with double-click positioning on errors, and enhanced printing functionality with vector Enhanced Metafile (EMF) schematic output.

SymSpice is an original SPICE simulator that provides simulation speed and accuracy at the GOLD-SPICE level, and support for all commonly used models, including independent and dependent sources, diodes Level 1 to 3, Juncap, Juncap200, BJT Gummel-Poon, HICUM 2.1, VBIC 1.2, MEXTRAM, MOS1, MOS3, MOSFET BSIM3v3.2, MOSFET BSIM4, BSIM4.5.0, EKV 2.6, EKV3, BSIM3-SOI, PSP, and JFET. It provides transient, AC, DC, sweep, and Monte Carlo analyses, compatibility with industry-standard formats (HSPICE®/SPECTRE®, Verilog-A description, NUTMEG, CSV, CSDF, RAW-SPICE, mixed-mode Verilog simulation interface PLI v2.0.) and supports for multicore simulation up to 4 cores.

SymProbe is a waveform viewer and analog simulation result analyzer for viewing the results transient, AC, DC, sweep, and Monte Carlo analyses. It offers customizable views of multiple plots, multiple X/Y axes per plot, flexible adjustment of axes, measurement cursors, waveform drag-and-drop operations, enhanced printing functionality with vector EMF waveform output, a waveform calculator with more than 50 operations, data processing (Fourier transforms, eye diagrams, histograms), and fast redrawing of large-dataset waveforms.

SymLayout is a layout editor for viewing and editing GDSII data. It features arbitrary-angle rotation, flip, slice, deformation, stretch, merge, chop, array multiplication, edit-in-place and hierarchy traversal functions, search-and-replace functions, unlimited undo/redo, import/export to GDSII format, export to DXF format.

Pricing and Availability

Symica is available now for evaluation and purchase. Pricing of available package configurations and license terms can be found on the Symica web site. Additional features and components will continue to become available throughout 2011. For additional information, contact Symica sales by phone at (408) 564-4549, or email at

About Vivid Engineering, Inc.

Symica™ is distributed exclusively by Vivid Engineering, Inc., a design and development company founded in 2009 to develop knowledge, technologies, and development tools to enable electronics and semiconductor companies to deliver next-generation devices, systems and services. For more information, contact Vivid Engineering at or call (408) 564-4549. Vivid Engineering, Inc., P.O. BOX 700721, San Jose, CA 95170.

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