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Mitrionics Re-Emerges in HPC/Supercomputing Markets with New Ownership

Lund, Sweden, November 15, 2011 – Mitrionics AB, developer of the Mitrion Virtual Processor and the Mitrion Software Acceleration Platform for FPGA-based reconfigurable computing, today announced its re-emergence in the HPC and supercomputing markets.  After a one-year hiatus, the full transfer of the Mitrionics’ intellectual property to new ownership has been completed.  A new company has been formed, named “Mitrionics AB”, in accordance with the purchased rights. The Mitrionics company name and all other intellectual properties, including the Mitrion Virtual Processor, the Mitrion Software Development Kit, all software source code, patents, trademarks, the Web site, Internet domain names, and any other intellectual properties now belong to the new owners.

To ensure the success of the newly-formed company, it has received sufficient funding for a full two-year period, and has the long-term support of its investors. Prior to obtaining new ownership, the company showed remarkable strength in completing significant sales during its transitional status. The company will now continue the core business of selling FPGA accelerated systems equipped with the Mitrion Virtual Processor and the Mitrion-C parallel programming language, and providing related development and support services.

Mitrionics AB will be headed by its owner and CEO, Sasan Fallahi.  Mitrionics’ original founder, Stefan Möhl, has joined the new company as its chief technology officer, along with other key personnel from the previous company.

“Mitrionics is fortunate to begin its new operation with an impressive portfolio of products and strong working relationships with many of the HPC industry leaders,” stated Sasan Fallahi, CEO of Mitrionics AB.  “Our success is dependent on the success of our partners, and our goal is to continue enhancing our technologies to meet the needs of our mutual customers.”

”Convey recognizes the importance of Mitrionics’ products and technology toward the advancement of our FPGA-based hybrid-core computing systems,” said Bruce Toal, CEO and co-founder of Convey Computer.  “We look forward to Mitrionics returning — their tools enable our customers to develop and deploy custom personalities more quickly than traditional hardware description languages.”

”We have had a long history alongside Mitrionics,” said Allan Cantle, President and Founder of Nallatech.  “Their commitment to reconfigurable computing in HPC has been reliable, and we are delighted to see them resume their valuable contributions to High Performance Reconfigurable Computing.”

“We are very happy to see Mitrionics re-launch,” said Reuven Weintraub, Founder and CEO of GiDEL. “The ability to program for FPGAs in software is very important, and there are not many tools able to do it. Therefore, we are very glad to see Mitrionics return to the HPC and supercomputing market.”

About Mitrionics

Mitrionics is the technology expert in FPGA-based software acceleration and hybrid computing. The Mitrion Platform, which includes the Mitrion Virtual Processor and the Mitrion-C Compiler and SDK, utilizes parallel programming and parallel processing to enable greater processing performance and a greener computing alternative. The Mitrion Virtual Processor, a massively fine-grain parallel and fully hardware adaptable processor design, allows pure software programming of FPGAs, eliminating the need for circuit design skills. This makes supercomputing performance accessible to an entire new market of scientists and developers.

Mitrionics’ customers are focused on adopting hybrid computing architectures to meet the exponential rise of compute requirements without adding additional watts to the computer system. For more information, visit the company Web site at www.mitrionics.com or email info@mitrionics.com.

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