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Arm unveils common industry framework for protecting a trillion connected devices

News Highlights

  • Arm announced today Platform Security Architecture (PSA), a key security milestone on the path towards SoftBank and Arm Chairman Masayoshi Son’s vision of one trillion securely connected devices by 2035
  • PSA provides the Arm ecosystem with the first common framework for building secure connected devices
  • Arm Trusted Firmware-M: An open software reference implementation from Armv8-M processors
  • New secure IP includes Arm CryptoIsland-300, first in a new family of programmable security enclaves, and Arm SDC-600, for securing debug interfaces

Arm has invested in security throughout its history, with an emphasis on IoT in recent years – and today’s announcement continues that investment. With connected devices being deployed at an unprecedented pace, security is no longer optional. In my latest blog, I explain how Arm is addressing this by introducing the first common industry framework for building secure connected devices, Platform Security Architecture.

If you are attending Arm TechCon this week, you can learn more about Arm’s investment in security at Mike Muller’s keynote. We will also be livestreaming the post-keynote press conference.

For more TechCon news please see our TechCon newsroom.

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