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World’s First OEM Battery Managed Services Launched by Global Technology Systems

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Jan. 8, 2019 –Global Technology Systems(GTS) today announced the availability of its suite of managed services for the company’s OEM customers: Test and Replace™, Battery Color Coding™ and Free Lithium Battery Recycling.GTS is the first-ever portable device battery manufacturer to offer post-manufacturing services to its customers, who can then offer these value-added services to their end-users.

“Our goal is to provide our OEM customers with higher performing batteries and services that support the entire lifecycle of the battery,” said Larry Murray, CEO, GTS. “By offering our managed services to our OEM customers, we can increase their involvement in end-user replacement battery purchases and give them a new service-driven revenue stream.”

GTS’ managed services cover the full lifecycle of rechargeable portable device batteries from design and engineering to post-manufacturing. Each service is designed for OEMs to enable their customers to increase portable operation productivity and efficiency, decrease overall battery cost and eliminate frustrations and safety concerns caused by bad batteries.

GTS’ OEM managed services include:

  • Test & Replace– Easily and efficiently identify, remove and replace bad batteries using the GTS Tester and Mobile app onsite resulting in dramatic cost savings due to replacing batteries only when and where they are needed. Test & Replace also offers post-test management reports with actionable insights for future planning and budgeting purposes.
  • Battery Color Coding– Identify, replace, and recycle only aging batteries swiftly and efficiently by using a unique color each year instead of the traditional battery color, reducing the amount of bad batteries in circulation.
  • Free Lithium Battery Recycling– No-cost recycling program ensuring potentially dangerous Lithium batteries do not end up in landfills creating toxic waste. GTS’ Lithium battery recycling program offers a financial incentive for all participants, allowing customers to easily do their part to protect the planet.

For nearly two decades, GTS has partnered with leading device manufacturers to develop custom power technologies for their next generation of portable devices. Its team of expert engineers is skilled in developing innovative power solutions, including high-quality batteries and chargers, that meet the unique needs of OEM customers. GTS provides critical advice and feedback on battery power design and manages its own manufacturing facilities, enabling a flexible supply chain and faster time-to-market. Due to its longtime relationship with Lithium cell manufacturers, GTS provides its clients with continuous access to the highest quality cells and components, even in times of scarcity.

You can read the whitepaper on GTS’ OEM managed services, “New Solutions to Manage Portable Device Battery Power,” by clicking here.

About GTS

Global Technology Systems (GTS) is an innovator of mobile device batteries, chargers and power management solutions and services that lower cost of ownership and increase productivity. With outstanding performance and unmatched quality, the company’s batteries and power management solutions are trusted by leading retail organizations, logistics companies, government agencies, and public safety officials around the globe. GTS is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, has its engineering/design team based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and operates manufacturing and distribution centers across the U.S., Asia, and Europe. To learn more, visit, and follow on Twitter,LinkedInand YouTube.

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