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VueReal Unveils ColourFusion™ microDisplay: A Revolution in Augmented Reality (AR) Display Technology

Innovative AR Display Technology Combines Proprietary microLED and LCOS Advancements Enabled by VueReal's MicroSolid Printing Platform

Waterloo, Ontario — May 8, 2024 — VueReal, a pioneer in MicroSolid Printing™, today announced the launch of its revolutionary ColourFusion™ microDisplay, an innovative augmented reality (AR) display that sets a new standard in visual clarity and color precision. The solution is relevant for multiple industries spanning consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial.

Enabled by VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing™ platform, the ColourFusion™ microDisplay integrates cutting-edge full color microLED technology, an image quality enhancement algorithm, and LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) systems to deliver high resolution, high grayscale and color depth, high contrast, and unprecedented low power consumption through a power-saving algorithm and variable frame rates.

At the core of the solution is VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing™ platform, which addresses the foremost challenge in the mass adoption of microLED displays—the efficient transfer of microLEDs from wafer to backplane. VueReal’s patented process excels in transferring millions of micrometer-sized LEDs with unparalleled throughput, scalability, and high yield.

The ColourFusion™ microDisplay technology utilizes VueReal’s proprietary MicroSolid Printing to fabricate full color microLED displays, known for their exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. By enhancing these displays with LCOS technology, VueReal has achieved a breakthrough in effective resolution that surpasses existing AR displays in the market.

“ColourFusion™ microDisplay is designed to overcome the traditional barriers of AR technology, particularly in terms of resolution and color accuracy,” said Dr. Reza Chaji, founder and CEO of VueReal. “By integrating our cutting-edge microLED technology with LCOS systems, we have achieved a level of visual fidelity and energy efficiency that will transform the future of augmented reality.”

ColourFusion™ microDisplay features include:

  • Enhanced Resolution: By combining efficient full color microLED with LCOS technology, ColourFusion™ microDisplay offers enhanced pixel density and sharper visuals, making it ideal for both consumer and professional AR applications.
  •  Superior Image Quality: Leveraging the power of full color microLEDs, the display produces a full spectrum of vibrant colors and high contrast that bring augmented reality to life without the challenges of traditional LCOS with color breakout, and low contrast.
  • Unprecedented Energy Efficiency: The utilization of full color microLED displays enables the implementation of low-power mode, wherein the display’s frame rate can be adaptively adjusted according to usage, thereby decreasing both system and display power consumption. ColourFusion™ microDisplay enables the use of higher efficiency microLEDs to enable additional power consumption improvements. Additionally, the culmination of light is more efficient with the LED utilized for this application, and the light coupling from LCOS to optics is also more effective.
  • Attractive Cost Performance Value: Unlike other display solutions, this technique can offer mass producible premium displays at an affordable price with today’s technology.

VueReal’s ColourFusion™ microDisplay offers versatile solutions for any industry seeking to develop AR solutions. The solution will be showcased at Display Week 2024, where attendees can experience the future of augmented reality firsthand by visiting VueReal’s booth #1644.

About VueReal
VueReal, a pioneer in MicroSolid Printing™, is revolutionizing the micro semiconductor device industry with its eco-friendly micro-pixel manufacturing process. The platform enables the efficient transfer of microLEDs and other micro semiconductor devices, offering unmatched efficiency, reliability, and scalability. VueReal’s patented method ensures high yield, throughput, and industry-leading defect rates, driving the microLED display market to a projected value of $30 billion by 2029. In addition to manufacturing microLED displays and lighting products for auto in Canada, VueReal licenses its MicroSolid Printing Blueprint to global OEMs, display fabs, and hardware manufacturers. For more information, please visit

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