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Versinetic unveils new software stack to support ISO 15118

BIRMINGHAM, 30 May  2023: Versinetic, a UK smart charging consultancy, will  unveil a new software stack solution that enables EV charging manufacturers to deliver charging infrastructure that complies with a forthcoming protocol, ISO 15118, at Traffex 2023, stand F41.

ISO 15118 is a protocol developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that specifies communication methods and information that is exchanged between the vehicle and the charging station. EV charge points that meet ISO 15118 will allow EV drivers to seamlessly drive up to a station, plug and charge their vehicles.

Versinetic’s new ISO 15118 software stack is supplied as a licensed product as part of the consultancy’s modular EV charger solutions.

The software runs on Versinetic’s MantaRay control board – a smart charge point communications controller supporting both AC charge points and DC chargers using the latest communication standards. Versinetic engineers will be on hand at Traffex for any questions and to showcase the new solution.

Versinetic’s Charging Blox are product and service modules that can be configured to precisely match customers’ requirements, and combine to create a complete EV charge point solution. These are broadly aligned with three clearly defined offers:

  • Design concept – includes consultancy, feasibility studies and evaluation kit

  • Solution design – Versinetic hardware products and software

  • Supply options – licensed, buy direct or build under licence (for high volumes), or on a non-recurring engineering basis

In addition, there will be industry analysis from Versinetic during the “EV Charging Challenges Around the World; Insights and Solutions” presentation.  Join Managing Director Dunstan Power at the EV Infrastructure Theatre, on June 6  at 12:35pm, as he covers the pressing global issues facing the EV charging industry today.

Dunstan will also examine potential solutions to these challenges and explore ways to make EV charging more accessible and efficient.

Dunstan Power,  Managing Director at Versinetic, said:

“Accommodating ISO 15118 in our products is another part of Versinetic’s roadmap to provide high quality products that play an integral part in the electrification of our roads. We strive to bring expertise and flexibility with our modular EV charging products that reduce time to market for EV charging providers and enable them to ensure their EV chargers are future- proofed.”

ISO 15118 plays an important role in the future vision of mass electrification of highways across the globe. It aims to reduce the limitations of other charging protocols – especially the lack of information about the charging vehicle.  Currently, consumers may require multiple apps, cards, or memberships to charge their EVs using public charging posts.

As governments look towards meeting their Paris Agreement deadlines, the greater interoperability between charging networks stipulated by this new protocol will increase the convenience for EV drivers to charge and run their vehicles and therefore lower any potential barriers to EV adoption.

To learn more or to book an appointment with Versinetic at Traffex to talk about ISO 1158 or any of Versinetic’s solutions, please contact Ranbir Sahota at Vitis PR.

Versinetic will be exhibiting at Traffex, Power2Drive and The Installer Show in June 2023.

Further information is available at:

Image download here:

About Versinetic

Versinetic is a spin-off company of multi-award-winning ByteSnap Design, a specialist in embedded systems hardware and software development, with an international client list.

Versinetic provides hardware, software, and consultancy services to the electric vehicle charging market worldwide.

Versinetic’s engineers are long-standing players in the EV space;  the team has engineering and design experience going back to the London 2012 Olympics.

An active member of BEAMA, the UK trade association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure technologies and systems, Versinetic contributes to the setting of EV policy.

Versinetic’s engineers also co-developed VIGIL (VehIcle-to-Grid Intelligent controL), the UK’s first end-to-end, fully integrated Vehicle-to-Grid system. VIGIL is an off-vehicle communication and control platform designed for different types of V2G/V2B [Vehicle-to-Building] charging points.

There’s more to discover about Versinetic at

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