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UltraSoC embedded analytics selected by Kraftway for solid state disk controller products

System-level insights will speed time-to-market, reduce costs and improve disk drive performance

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 5 September 2018

UltraSoC today announced that its embedded analytics technology has been licensed for use in advanced solid state disk (SSD) controller products by Kraftway, a leading supplier of IT solutions for government, healthcare, education, telecoms and banking. Kraftway chose UltraSoC’s hardware-based embedded analytics for its ability to provide actionable insights about the system-level operation of SSD products, both in the lab during development and testing, and in-life after its products are deployed.

With particular strengths in IT services and integration, data protection and information security, Kraftway designs and delivers a broad range of hardware and software products including PCs, workstations, servers, storage, POS-systems, kiosks, peripherals and software.

“I believe UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology will make a major contribution to Kraftway’s drive for continuous improvement in our IT products and services”, said Renat Yusopov, senior vice-president, Kraftway. “By using the rich data and insights generated by UltraSoC, we can accelerate product development and delivery, and get a much more detailed picture of how our systems operate in real-world situations – providing benefits to our end customers in terms of security, reliability, predictability and more.”

Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO, commented: “Kraftway has a reputation for outstanding performance, versatility and value that maximizes productivity for businesses and government organizations. UltraSoC is delighted to have the opportunity to help enhance that reputation even further: we’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership.”

The collaboration between UltraSoC and Kraftway was facilitated via UltraSoC’s strategic relationship with Nautech, one of Russia’s leading technical representatives. Andrei Greben, Nautech CEO, added his perspective: “Securing a high-profile licensee like Kraftway is further evidence of the success of our partnership with UltraSoC. Nautech prides itself on its ability to provide highly-informed, expert levels of support: we’re looking forward to further success in the coming months and years.”

UltraSoC’s embedded analytics will help to ensure maximum performance and reliability of Kraftway’s storage products, by building system monitoring and analytics capabilities into the hardware of the controller chips themselves. The company’s universal debug, monitoring and analytics platform is already deployed in storage, CPU and computer vision applications worldwide. Its use allows developers of complex systems-on-chip (SoCs) to reduce development costs by around a quarter, with a potential doubling of profitability over the entire lifetime of the product.

Embedded analytics works by placing hardware monitors into the circuitry of the SoC itself. These function entirely independently of the main system, and can monitor events in real-time, under real working conditions. By adding analytics modules to interpret the resulting data, UltraSoC gives engineering teams actionable system-level insights that can be used to identify design problems, assist with the integration of hardware and software, improve performance in light of real-world operating conditions, and add hardware-based safety and cybersecurity functions.

To find out more about the system-level benefits of monitoring performance using UltraSoC’s embedded analytics, visit here and download a detailed white paper.

About UltraSoC

UltraSoC is a pioneering developer of analytics and monitoring technology at the heart of the systems-on-chip (SoCs) that power today’s electronic products. The company’s embedded analytics technology allows product designers to add advanced cybersecurity, functional safety and performance tuning features; and it helps resolve critical issues such as increasing system complexity and ever-decreasing time-to-market. UltraSoC’s technology is delivered as semiconductor IP and software to customers in the consumer electronics, computing and communications industries. For more information visit

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