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Three Compact Testers from Megger Make Taking Measurements Easier

The MET1000, TPT420 and DPM1000 are designed for use by electricians and electrical engineers
Technical Specifications
  • MET1000 multi-function tester
  • TPT420 voltage meter
  • DPM1000 power clamp tester 

Norristown, Pa. March 2021 – Megger now offers three easy-to-use, lightweight, handheld testers designed for use by electricians and electrical engineers. The MET1000 multi-functional tester, TPT420 voltage meter and DPM1000 power clamp meter are perfect when performing installation and maintenance.


The MET1000 is a versatile and robust handheld, all-in-one meter with detachable test leads. This multi-functional, auto-ranging voltage and current tester can measure AC/DC voltage to 1000V and can measure AC current up to 200 A. It offers a true RMS reading on the ACV/ACA range for greater measurement accuracy. The unit also includes a phase rotation test and both inrush current and a built-in single pole voltage test.

Used in commercial, industrial and domestic environments, the MET1000 features both LED and LCD displays to aid in working in poorly lit areas and an IP65 casing that features a protective finger guard, ergonomic design and instrument carrying case. The unit is in compliance with IEC/EN 61243-3:2014.


The TPT420 is an easy-to-use voltage tester that was designed to warn users that there are dangerous voltages even after the batteries in the unit are exhausted. This compact unit provides both AC and DC voltage measurements ranging from 12 to 1000 V AC and up to 1500 V DC. A continuity test function ranging from 0 to 500 kΩ comes standard with the unit and has visual and acoustic indicators.

The tester’s simplified phase rotation indication test helps to avoid crossing test probes, adopted by some 2 pole testers. The TPT420 can also perform a single pole voltage indication test.

This voltage tester is rated at CAT IV 1000 V with an IP64 housing. It also conforms to the latest IEC/EN 61243-3 and DIN VDE 0682-401 standards. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including electrical installations, automotive, fire alarm and solar/PV systems.


The DPM1000 power clamp combines the functionality of a power meter, harmonics meter and data logger into one easy-to-use instrument. Used to measure power quality and applications in the development, installation, maintenance and repair of equipment in power electronics and engineering, this new clamp features an LCD display and can measure DC, AC, pulsed and mixed currents up to 1000 A and AC/DC voltage up to 1000 V. It offers a true RMS reading for greater measurement accuracy.

The clamp has a smart data-hold that expands the unit’s standard hold function. A min/max function on the unit automatically stores the lowest and highest readings taken.

The DPM1000 not only measures voltage and current, but it also measures resistance to 100kΩ, watts to 1MW, power factor, diode, harmonic, harmonic distortion, capacitance, temperature and frequency.

The free Megger Link App is available for use with this meter. The measurement value obtained by the clamp meter can be remotely monitored on a smart device using the unit’s built-in Bluetooth.

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Reader Service Inquiries: Peg Houck; Megger; 2621 Van Buren Avenue, Norristown, Pa. 19403;; 610-676-8536.


Megger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of test and measurement equipment used within the electric power, building wiring and telecommunication industries.  With research, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Sweden and Germany, combined with sales and technical support in most countries, Megger is uniquely placed to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

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