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ThreatModeler Releases “Cloud Threat Modeling For Dummies, ThreatModeler Special Edition”

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — May 21, 2024 — ThreatModeler, a leader in automated threat modeling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to code to the cloud, announced the release of “Cloud Threat Modeling For Dummies, ThreatModeler Special Edition.” This essential guide is designed for everyone, from senior leadership to practitioners, responsible for ensuring their organizations security and looking to implement a scalable and collaborative threat modeling practice within their digital transformation journey.

Archie Agarwal, CEO and founder of ThreatModeler, shared his enthusiasm about the release, stating, “NO MORE SECURITY SPRINTS. PERIOD. This guide will provide a blueprint to build a threat modeling practice that includes all stages from Design to Code to Cloud. It underscores our commitment to integrating security seamlessly into the technological fabric of today’s cloud-driven enterprises.”

Traditional threat modeling methodologies, like STRIDE, are overly complex, preventing organizations from shifting left. “Cloud Threat Modeling For Dummies, ThreatModeler Special Edition” simplifies the practice by providing everyone with a step by step process that:

●     Helps developers and dev-ops engineers save crucial time by receiving and fixing findings with one click.

●     Ensures there is integration between security architecture and the dev-ops toolchain.

●     Maintains a simple yet standardized center of excellence which other methodologies have deemed as “needing in-depth security expertise.”

“Threat modeling needs to start with a business objective that flows into technical practice while keeping consistency and scalability in mind, without putting the burden on the development teams. The blueprint provided by this guide will make threat modeling an invisible (behind-the-scenes) activity enabling developers to fix their security issues with One-Click.” said VP of Solutions Architecture, Nikunj Nagalia.

Visit here in order to download “Cloud Threat Modeling For Dummies, ThreatModeler Special Edition.” For more information about ThreatModeler, visit



ThreatModeler delivers on the promise of one-click threat modeling. Our patented technology enables intuitive, automated, collaborative threat modeling and integrates directly into every component of your DevSecOps toolchain—automating the “Sec” in DevSecOps from design to code to cloud at scale. ThreatModeler’s SaaS platform ensures secure and compliant applications, infrastructure, and cloud assets in design, saving millions in incident response costs, remediation costs, and regulatory fines. It is trusted by software, security, and cloud architects, engineers, and developers. More information is available at

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