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TE Connectivity introduces the Hybrid and Electric Mobility Solutions Kit

High voltage terminals and solutions kit contains all the reliable parts needed to create an assembly in one easy-to-order package

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – July 16, 2020 – Design engineers no longer have to worry about missing parts, difficult assemblies or the hassle of order quantities, thanks to a new and easy purchasing option for high voltage terminals and connectors from TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors. The new hybrid and electric mobility solutions kits contain all the reliable parts TE has always provided to create an assembly, but now in one easy- to-order package.

Kits are available for AMP+ HVA 280, AMP+ HVA 630, AMP+ HVP 800, AMP+ HVP 1100, and AMP+ IPT solutions and are perfect for use with high-voltage, hybrid and electric mobility applications.

“To assist our customers and make ordering and assembly easy, we are now offering these kits for high voltage terminal and connectors,” said Mike Brenner, TE product manager. “The hybrid and electric mobility solutions kits offer design engineers all of TE’s reliable parts needed for assembly in one package so they don’t have to worry about missing any parts or have to hassle with any order quantities.”

AMP+ HVA 280 finger-proof, touch-safe, two- or three-position low-medium current connectors and headers are designed for flexibility with options needed for various hybrid/electric vehicle device applications. This product family can be utilized with multi-core or individually shielded wire and includes a discrete header design unique to the industry that improves packaging and manufacturing efficiency with a two-stage floating latch that creates safety in the system. The connector system also provides multiple latching options and an integrated internal HVIL, allowing for package size optimization and routing flexibility.

AMP+ HVA 630 touch-safe two-, three-, four- and five-position low-medium current connectors and headers are designed to meet AK 4.3.3, LV215-1 specifications and feature a CPA (Connector Position Assurance). With a current carrying capability up to 40A at 140 degrees C and a 4-6mm2 multicore wire range, the AMP+ connectors and headers can be used in many EV device applications. The shielded and sealed two-position connectors are designed for advanced performance with high-voltage onboard chargers. The five-position connectors allow three-phase charging currents up to 32A for maximum charging capacity and due to its lever control, the necessary mating force is less the 70 N. The package size is optimized with an integrated internal HVIL.

The touch-proof one-, two- or three-position high current connectors and headers found in the AMP+ HVP 800 kits are designed to meet AK 4.3.3, LV215-1 specifications. With a current carrying capability up to 200A at 85 degrees C (depending on wire cross section), an ample temperature range and a wide wire range, the AMP+ high current connectors and headers can be used in various EV applications. An integrated internal HVIL with multiple routing options allow package size optimization and flexibility. Assembly is simplified with a lever assist for low insertion force.

AMP+ HVP 1100 fingerproof, touch-safe, one-position high-current connectors and headers are designed for flexibility with the options needed for various hybrid and electric vehicle device applications. With a current carrying capability up to 300A at 85 degrees C and 70 mm2 individually shielded wire, the TE AMP+ HVP 1100 can be used in many high-voltage applications. The system provides an integrated internal HVIL for package size optimization.

Finally, TE’s AMP+ IPT shielded ring tongue enable easy and flexible adaption of the internal power terminal to various applications. The IPT is available in one-, two- or three-pole housings. The power accessory provides 360-degree EMC shielding and wire-to-device capabilities. The screwed ring tongue can be applied on different length cables, according to the needs of the customer.

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Trends in Commercial Vehicle Electric Mobility


TE Connectivity is a $13 billion global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, enable advancements in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications, and the home. With nearly 80,000 employees, including more than 8,000 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 150 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. Learn more at and on LinkedInFacebookWeChat and Twitter.

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