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Supercapacitor Modules from Eaton Now Available from Newark

Chicago, September 5, 2019 – Newark, the Development Distributor, has broadened its portfolio of passive devices with the addition of the new supercapacitor modules from Eaton, enabling design engineers to optimize equipment footprints, improve efficiency and reduce costs. This supercapacitor line includes highly reliable, high power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices that are tailored to work with applications for backup power, pulse power and hybrid power systems.

The new supercapacitors balance the power density of traditional capacitors with the energy density of batteries. They feature a double layer construction that offers high capacitance and low ESR, resulting in high power density and energy efficiency. Eaton supercapacitors can be used alone or in combination with batteries to optimize cost.

The electrostatically storing of charge within the supercapacitor cells allows the modules to operate in a wide range of temperatures (-40° to +65°C) and for millions of charge cycles, with design lifetimes of up to 20 years. The supercapacitors’ inherently maintenance-free operation, high power density, and long lifecycles result in low cost and ease of use for design engineers.

Eaton’s new supercapacitors integrate and balance individual supercapacitor cells to deliver high power modules, while providing easy wiring capability to help engineers use this unique energy storage technology. The high voltage modules can be built into power quality and distribution (data center, healthcare, industrial facility), grid storage, material handling, marine, renewable energy, on-board transportation and rail/traction applications ranging from a few kilowatts to multi-megawatts.

“Design engineers require low-maintenance, cost-effective solutions for their industrial energy management needs,” said Mike Davis, Product Manager at Newark. “We’re excited to expand our offerings from Eaton to provide our customers with this new series of supercapacitors, enabling greater efficiency and optimization in their designs.”

Some of the new supercapacitors from Eaton now shipping from Newark include: 

  • Ruggedized XLR Module family: The XLR family is IP65 (protected from total dust ingress and contact; protected from high pressure water jets from any direction) and available in 48V, 166F and 51V, 188F modules. Suitable for applications such as hybrid and electric vehicles, grid storage, commercial vehicles (trucks, mining, construction vehicles), trolley, subway and marine.
  • XLM-62 Rack mount supercapacitors module: The XLM-62 provides a higher working voltage at 62.1V and low ingress protection rating at IP30 (protected from tool and wires > 2.5mm ingress; not protected from liquids). They are suitable for applications such as datacenter UPS, bridge power, hospital UPS, hybrid power system with fuel cells, grid storage and semiconductor equipment (SEMI F47 compliant).
  • XVM-16 supercapacitors module: The 16 V XVM supercapacitor module offers a means to easily achieve higher voltage, power or discharge time through series or parallel connection of multiple modules. The XVM supercapacitor has a compact size for easy mounting as replacement for, or in conjunction with, a 12 V battery and series or parallel connection of multiple modules for higher voltage, power or discharge time. Suitable for applications such as industrial computer and emergency backup energy, battery assist engine starting (especially for cold or frequent starts and graceful system shutdown for robotics), PLCs and electrical switches.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Newark to offer our supercapacitor module product line to their extensive industrial customer base. Supercapacitors are a unique energy storage technology that helps end users solve common energy storage challenges across a wide variety of applications,” said Nick Stone, Product Manager at Eaton.

Eaton is known for manufacturing supercapacitors not offered by many competitors and is a trusted name in industrial control, transportation, power distribution and power quality segments. The addition of these supercapacitor modules adds to Newark’s extensive line of Eaton electronic and electrical solutions products, ranging from printed circuit boards to control panels and beyond.

Eaton supercapacitors are now available for same day shipping from Newark

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