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STMicroelectronics Brings Ease and Flexibility to USB Power Delivery with Digitally Programmable Synchronous Buck Converter

Geneva, January 19, 2022 – Featuring a synchronous topology for optimum efficiency, the STMicroelectronics STPD01 DC/DC buck converter is digitally programmable for USB Power Delivery (PD) applications up to 60W.

With a wide input-voltage range of 6V to 26.4V, the STPD01 offers flexibility to address applications such as AC multiport adapters, USB hubs, PC monitors, and smart televisions. The output voltage, set via I2C, can be adjusted from 3V to 20V in 20mV minimum steps to meet PD specifications. The device incorporates cable-drop compensation with an internal voltage-feedback resistor divider, to ensure the load receives the correct voltage unaffected by losses in copper tracks and the attached output cable.

The STPD01 includes protection against over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature. Additional built-in features include embedded discharge circuitry, soft-start, under-voltage lockout, and a programmable watchdog timer that help ensure a robust and safe system.

ST has also launched the STEVAL-2STPD01 USB Type-C™ Power Delivery dual-port adapter kit, to accelerate development of solutions based on the STPD01. Created as an expansion card to be used with the NUCLEO-G071RB STM32 Nucleo-64 development board, the STEVAL-2STPD01 board contains two Type-C ports with two STPD01 programmable buck converters. Two TCPP02-M18 protection ICs for USB Type-C and PD Source applications are also on-board, and the associated software package, STSW-2STPD01, contains a sample application to run on the STM32G07 microcontroller. The STEVAL-2STPD01 kit is available now at ST’s eStore.

The STPD01 is in production and ready to order now at ST’s eStore, packaged in QFN24L measuring 3mm x 4mm, priced at $1.58 for orders of 500 pieces.

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