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Scenera and Blaize® Demonstrate Scenera’s AI Topology Management Service (SATM) for Hybrid Cloud Solutions, in Collaboration with Marketplace on AITRIOS™, at ISC West 2023

MAIstro utilizes Blaize-powered edge and cloud AI computing platforms in retail and facility management applications for end users

Palo Alto, CA (Mach 27, 2023) — Scenera and Blaize® are showcasing Scenera’s MAIstro AI Topology Manager (SATM) as a part of Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ Marketplace on AITRIOS™ at the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) 2023 in Las Vegas from March 28-31.

MAIstro provides customers with distributed and balanced AI analytics that can be carried out across both edge devices and the cloud. This system makes use of customer-driven machine learning operations (MLOps) for retraining AI models with their own data. Furthermore, customers can create event and data dashboards to support their business intelligence applications.

AITRIOS is an edge AI sensing platform that enables retailers and development partners to deploy visual AI solutions at scale, and MAIstro’s smart building applications and real-time event detection capabilities will be powered by Blaize’s edge and cloud computing platforms offered industry-wide globally.

Scenera’s MAIstro and SSS’s Marketplace on AITRIOS™ solution, both powered by Blaize can be experienced at Booth #32075 located in the Emerging Tech Pavilion at ISC West this year.

“Customers in retail and facility management industries are seeking hybrid cloud solutions for their AIoTs with balanced performance in accuracy, latency and cost. The solution offered by Scenera and Blaize effectively addresses customers’ needs,” said Eita Yanagisawa of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. “This offering will be available from marketplace on AITRIOS™ for customers in multiple industries globally.”

Blaize’s technology can power both edge and cloud computing platforms, which offers a solution for SSS and its customers to achieve cost-effective and high-performance IoT event and data management systems. With Blaize’s balanced AI analytic computing, MAIstro provides customized machine learning operations workflows that can be tailored to retrain and optimize analytics, thereby increasing efficiency.

”The Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP®) and Blaize AI Studio™ enable video analytics solutions providers, such as Scenera, to benefit from state-of-the-art technology at the lowest total cost of ownership, with the added flexibility of deployment in both edge and cloud environments,” said Dinakar Munagala, CEO and Co-founder of Blaize.  “Blaize’s methodology facilitates optimized tradeoffs between cost and performance for AI workloads. By leveraging this technology, Scenera can achieve an optimal balance of cost and performance for the AI components of their IoTs, event processing, and data management systems.”

About Scenera

Scenera is forging a new standard data platform for the AIoT industry, by combining an open and flexible architecture with an intelligent scene-based data pipeline. The result is a paradigm shift from simple streaming data to rich scene data information that enables new and powerful analytical capabilities. For more information, please visit

About Blaize

Blaize is a leading provider of a proprietary purpose-built, full-stack hardware architecture, and low-code, no-code software platform that enables edge AI processing solutions at the network’s edge for computing in multiple large and rapidly-growing markets. For more information, please visit


“AITRIOS” is an edge AI sensing platform by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation and AITRIOS is the registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

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