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Samotics extends SAM4 to support medium and high-voltage motors

LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS — March 30, 2021 — Samotics, a leading provider of AI-driven predictive analytics, today announces that it has extended its SAM4 asset health monitoring system to support medium and high-voltage equipment. The SAM4 system now covers the full spectrum of low, medium and high-voltage AC machines to detect developing failures up to five months in advance.

SAM4 has been available for rotating AC equipment up to 690 V since 2018. Following a two-year period of extensive development and testing, including pilot programs with Samotics’ customers, SAM4 is now proven to deliver the same market-leading failure prediction accuracy to higher-voltage equipment. Combined with the unique insight SAM4 provides into power consumption and real-time operation, plus the benefits of remote sensor installation to monitor assets in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations, this gives medium and high-voltage asset owners a proven way to significantly reduce maintenance costs, minimize damage to expensive equipment and optimize energy efficiency.

“After SAM4’s success in monitoring our low-voltage assets, we were eager to test it out on our medium-voltage machines. These are often custom assets whose failure is extremely expensive in terms of replacement and downtime. SAM4’s results on these machines are very promising,” said Henk Assink, project manager for Industry 4.0 at Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals leader and Samotics customer.

By extending SAM4’s capabilities beyond low-voltage equipment, Samotics now provides a comprehensive solution that organizations can implement across a full portfolio of rotating AC assets. Implementing SAM4 at scale will drive further efficiencies, as organizations can focus their valuable time and resources on those machines that are outliers in terms of health, operational performance or energy efficiency.

“The annual maintenance costs for a medium or high-voltage machine can easily spiral to tens of thousands of euros a year, while a single downtime event can cost millions, presenting a very real risk of overwhelming an organization,” said Jasper Hoogeweegen, chief executive officer at Samotics. “We have invested heavily in innovation to enable SAM4 to support motors of any voltage, which takes us a huge step further toward a future where 0% unplanned downtime becomes the norm for organizations worldwide.”

Earlier this month, Samotics announced it has completed a five million euro funding round to accelerate its expansion into the US market, expedite the rollout of new features, and further technological innovation in predictive maintenance.

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