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Percepio Announces Tracealyzer Support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing)

  • Multicore systems benefit from multicore tracing
  • Uses Azure RTOS ThreadX native-event logging

Västerås, Sweden, February 16, 2021—Percepio®, the leader in visual trace diagnostics for embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced Tracealyzer® support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP systems. Now Azure RTOS developers can enjoy the same level of insight into multicore systems that is available to embedded Linux developers, such as the ability to track software threads as they migrate between cores and to view CPU load per core.

Tracealyzer is the leading solution for visual trace diagnostics and helpful for users of Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP who want to improve software reliability, system performance and development productivity. Tracealyzer leverages the event-logging already present in Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP, so developers can easily deploy Tracealyzer in new and existing projects. This is a pure software solution that runs on all processors supported by Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP, including Xilinx Zynq and other Arm Cortex-A processors.

“More embedded and IoT software systems rely on multicore processors, enabling developers to build more powerful and complex systems,” said Johan Kraft, CEO, Percepio. “As a result, it’s even more important to have quality insight into the runtime system, which is what we offer with Tracealyzer’s new support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP for users on processors such as Arm Cortex-A and Synopsys ARC.”

Tracealyzer version 4.4.2 supports Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP. Download today and start a free trial at

About Percepio

Percepio is the leading provider of visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field. Like a surveillance camera for embedded software, Percepio Tracealyzer allows users to visually spot and analyze issues in software recordings during development and testing. Percepio DevAlert is a cloud service for monitoring deployed IoT devices, combining automatic error reporting with visual trace diagnostics powered by Tracealyzer.

Percepio collaborates with leading vendors of operating systems for embedded software and partners with Cypress (an Infineon Technologies company), NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Renesas Electronics and Wind River Systems. The company is also a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from applied research at Mälardalen University, Percepio is based in Västerås, Sweden. For more information, visit

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