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NOVELDA Delivers Ultra-Wideband Proximity Sensors Enabling Power-Saving Interactivity in Smart Appliances, Chargers, Smart Locks and beyond.

NOVELDA to demo new UWB sensor at Sensors Converge 2022
Sensors Converge 2022 and Oslo, Norway – JUNE 15, 2022 – NOVELDA, innovator of the most reliable human presence sensors on the market, announced today the rollout of its upgraded ultra-wideband (UWB) proximity sensor. This sensor enhances LCD screen lifetime, increases interactivity and gives devices an automated, power-saving mechanism. Its approach detection feature lights the display immediately upon approach and turns it off automatically once a person leaves the detection zone. Through contextual awareness, the device knows your intentions and is ready when you are.
Editorial Note: NOVELDA will demo its NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor at Sensors Converge 2022, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, from June 27-29. The demo, at booth 1623 near the main stage, will showcase the precision, absolute ranging and reliable detection available through NOVELDA UWB Sensors.
NOVELDA’s new sensors feature market-leading reliability, offering absolute range and a wide field of view. The sensor is user-configurable for both distance and sensitivity. You get reliable detection in the zone of interest and are always detected inside the zone, never outside. With scalable settings from 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters, it is ideally suited for close-range indoor applications. The sensor ensures a fast response with a latency time of less than 0.25 seconds for device activation or deactivation. NOVELDA’s groundbreaking radar sensors and miniaturized system-on-chip (measuring only 12×12 millimeters) are compliant with global standards, unobtrusive and easily installed in the end-product enclosure.
NOVELDA Proximity Sensor Extends Screen Life by Five Times
Whether in advertising signage, vending machines or smart home appliances, NOVELDA’s proximity sensor can extend screen life from two to ten years in high-end LCD displays. In addition, these sensors allow companies to become more environmentally friendly by powering down when the product isn’t in use and thereby saving energy. It is the most innovative, sustainable and reliable solution for proximity sensing in smart appliances, smart locks, high-end chargers, light sensors, servers, luminaries, lamps and more.
NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor enables faster wake-up time from a low power state when the device is inactive, initiating wake-up from the moment a person is ready to use the device. The sensor also ensures and monitors product usage of process critical equipment, like automated hand sanitizers.
“Our market-leading UWB-based proximity sensors offer a reliable and accurate solution for detecting a user’s presence, greatly extending the life of screens, enabling power savings and improving user experience. And through rigorous, real-world testing, our sensors have proved robust and scalable for a variety of applications such as high-end consumer appliances, vending machines and more. We are thrilled to realize the vision of what we believe proximity sensors should address,” said Jan-Bjørnar Lund, CEO, NOVELDA.
UWB is predicted to become as widely used as Bluetooth
UWB sensing outperforms technologies like Passive InfraRed or Time of Flight sensors in terms of accuracy, robustness, cost, power consumption and security. NOVELDA’s UWB wireless sensors function efficiently without interference in the proximity of other radio frequency (RF) devices. Recognizing UWB’s transformative functionality, ABI Research predicts 500 million shipments of UWB by the end of 2022, with growth projections estimating 1.5 billion over the next four years.
For More Information and availability
Demo kits for NOVELDA UWB Proximity Sensor are available upon request. For more information, visit
NOVELDA provides the world’s most accurate, intelligent and reliable sensor solution for human presence detection. Our Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range impulse radar sensors achieve new levels of user experience and interactivity in a variety of indoor applications including consumer electronics, smart home and building automation.
NOVELDA was founded in 2004 and is today recognized as the world’s leading authority on UWB short-range radar sensor design. Our technology complies with worldwide UWB regulations and is protected by several design patents. We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional sales offices in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan employing a total of 85 employees. Making life easier by creating seamless interaction between people and things. NOVELDA Ultra-Wideband Sensor – the most reliable sensor in the world.

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